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  1. Life is a dream. With every set of circumstances that arise, you are experiencing a new dream. Every new dream is completely detached from everything else. The only real variable is you. If you are interpreting your present circumstances and self based on the past, you are creating an un-real continuity. The excitement is found in that you are not you, at least in the sense of any possible interpretation you could have built in the past. No no, you are simply a dream character. You can be whoever you would like. Make the most of it, while you can. After those circumstances have passed, allow yourself to rest. Build your own personal energy, through abiding in your own presence of non-doing. Wait for the next dream, which is, ideally, given to you after sufficient energy has been built.
  2. I can't agree this life of mine, my existence, my experience here in reality is a dream. I believe a dream is when you experience 'something' while asleep. Sure you can in a sense 'dream' while awake, but its more like hoping for your ideas to come true. It takes actual work for an idea to translate into 'physical' reality for others to experience with you, though I think everything is physical and there is no non-physical. Your thoughts wouldn't be thoughts if you had no body to experience them in.

    I mean can there be a formless 'mind' existing 'somewhere' that is intelligent/conscious without a physical manifestation. It seems everything, whether you believe or not happens in this physical reality.
  3. Well, from your human perspective it is not a dream. It is very real. This is because of its continuity, which you continuously build in your mind. It is your mental construct, the result of your limited perspective. Your life is quite accurately seen as a dream, from the aspect of your true self, the one consciousness. From this perspective, everything is a spontaneous rising and falling of people, things, and circumstances, each new and exciting, totally unrelated to anything else, or else intimately connected to EVERYTHING else. This is the best way to view the world. It requires a losing of all of your connections and continuities you have acquired and attached to. Each moment is a new spontaneous arising and falling, a new dream.
  4. :)there should be a stickied thread for all your marvelous insights
  5. So if I am "resting my energy" right now smoking bong hits, and then I feel the urge to take a I entering a dream once I get up to take the dump?

    Or do i enter the dream of taking a dump once I am actually taking the dump?

    OR if I wanted to have a dream of taking a dump, wouldn't it be better to just fall asleep thinking about the dump I last took?

    Help me in this dilemna here, wise Journey man.
  6. Or we aren't living a dream at all. We are living in the continuous 'Now'. There is no losing connection to continuity, lol. This is a mental construct.

    I can't come to terms with this 'true self' you speak of.. what you mean. A formless experience with no prejudice or desire? Just being, just sense with no interpretation? this seems like the actual dream to me.
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    Isn't that what reality is minus your abstract/arbitrary attachments to it?
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    I think it all depends on how you choose to define "dream". If you choose to take it literally as meaning the state that your brain goes into when you go to sleep (whatever that is), then you won't get what he is saying. I think that he is using dream in a more analogous sense.

    In the sense that if you interpret a dream as something apparently real, ever-changing, always different, but is eventually gone and over as if it never existed, well then life is exactly like that isn't it? For instance, what about "yesterday" makes yesterday real? First yesterday was not here, then it was here, and now it is not here again. Just like a dream.

    All that we see in our waking state is just a bunch of situations, a bunch of random scenarios, experience a variation of emotions from love and bliss to deathly fear and anxiety. And then it is over. Just like how our waking state is over when we go into deep sleep, retract our senses, or die. The difference is that we are far more attached to our waking state. But the second before we die... won't our whole life before us be nothing more than a dream that we long to remember in its entirety? The dream is not permanent nor real, and can end at any time. Just like our lives.

    Who is it that goes to sleep? When we really think about it. I mean, aren't "you" there in your dream too? And aren't you essentially a formless awareness that is watching the whole thing? Until you wake up, and you are a formless awareness watching all of this too? It's like, all the phenomena of dreams occur within the mind, arise within the clarity of the mind and disappear into the clarity of the mind - same with our waking life too you know? That's how I see it.

    [quote name='"TheJourney"'] you are simply a dream character. You can be whoever you would like. Make the most of it, while you can. [/quote]
    Nice post man. But I find that changing my dream character" is usually easier said than done. Our habits and subconscious patterns have a lot of energy.
  9. ^^Amen brother. That's a great way to put it, I love thinking about crazy shit like this. I often think about the possibility that when we die we just continue to dream.. it's scary to think about..just dreaming forever..

    Life is just a crazy movie.. it's almost like having the ability to rationalize is a curse. Just knowing we go through this short life and then don't exist for eternity... some fucked up shit.
  10. Just think of the concept of death. We go through this life, playing out various circumstances that naturally flow from our consciousness. Our body fades, and we feel the sense of going into non-existence. Nonetheless, our essence lives on, and we continue to ride the never-ending stream of consciousness that unites us with reality.

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