advice on large 3 stage SCROG grow (mothers, clones, veg, flower)

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  1. Mainly looking for advice on how big i should make my flower box as i don't know how large my pots will need to be by that point.

    Please correct me if i am wrong on anything here.
    I plan to take clones from my 4 mothers every 2 months, house them in a rooting box for 2 months, move them to a vegging box for 2 moths and finally move them to my flowering box for 2 months.
    Finally i'll have a drying box and curing setup for afterwards. should end up with a nice finished product.

    i'll list my plans for my setup here but if it is not necessary for you to be able to answer my main question then move to the paragraph i'll mark with '*****'.

    --Mother box will house 4 mothers, 1x ak47Xtrm, 1xWhite queen, 2xCandy kush.
    -I'm thinking of using a t5 HO light for this box, either 4 or 8 bulb, (need advice on this, is this the correct amount of light?)

    --Cloning box, I think i'll take double the amount of cuttings i need at first as i'm not very experienced with cloning yet, this will give me room for failures. Considering that i'm planning on 10 finished plants that'll be 20 clones. (need advice on this, is this to many cuttings for my 4 mothers to handle every 2 months?)
    -Lighting with another T5 HO, 4 or 8 bulb, (need advice on this, is this the correct amount of light?)

    --Vegging box will house the best 10 clones after a 2 month rooting period.(need advice on this, is 2 months to long to have clones in a rooting box?)They will be grown under approx 20 hours light per day from an LED, not 100% on with led yet, thinking this one as high times rated it best LED grow light for 2016 & 2017:

    (correct me if this would not be sufficient)
    (also need advice on how large my pots would need to be after a 2 month period in the rooting box so i can determine the dimensions of my vegging box)

    --Flowering box will house the 10 plants for the 8 weeks they need for flowering.
    -Not 100% on the light i should use yet but assuming the lights footprint is sufficient i'll use the same light as my vegging light in addition to a few red spectrum flower booster led's.

    --All boxes with be ventilated with inline fans and carbon filters. (need advice on this, planning to use one or two large inlines with carbon filters connected to multiple boxes with ducting for my outtake, will i encounter any issues by venting multiple boxes with 1 inline?)

    Ok so the main thing holding me back from beginning my build is determining the light footprints i'll need and the dimensions of my boxes.
    Assuming that i'll be using the equivalent of a 1000w hps light or slightly more in both grow and veg, how large are my plants going to get? Also how large will my pots need to be at each point?

    Any and all help will be extremely appreciate, I'm stumped by this and don't want to make a mistake considering the huge amounts of money i'll be investing in this.

    Thanks heaps in advance to anyone that can help me here!
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    When an led lists a certain wattage but runs at less, the higher number is not an equivelant number. What the higher number means is the diodes are able to handle the higher wattage but its tan at less so they last longer.

    I know the add for that light says equivelant but that's some shady advertisement bullshit. That light draws 540 watts and can only be compared to a light of similar size. No way that light will handle 10 plants of any size. 10 very small plants sure. The lights footprint won't cover a large area. The light is kind of outdated tech as far as leds go.
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  3. Thanks mate! i've done some more research and i'm thinking of the HLG 550 R-SPEC now.

    What's your opinion on that?
  4. I have no experience with that particular light so I can't recommend or condemn it.

    I do have a few things to mention about your set up though. You're talking about scrog but have a different area for veg and flower. During veg you train the plant into a the net, you wont be able to move this easily to another grow area. I veg and flower in the same tent with my scrogs. It's impossible to move them.

    I also have a question about what you mean by 3 stage scrog. Do you mean 3 nets? That would be totally unnecessary. Everything below the canopy of a filled out scrog net will see very little light. I actually strip my plants bare under the net. I dont like fluffy popcorn buds

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