advice on if this set-up for an experiment would work

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  1. i take an IQ test multiple times sober... until it reaches a plateau showing the learning curve has ended... then i take it high (sativa), then on shrooms and acid...then, after a month, take it sober again....

    it would provide a base, the results, and impact on life results...
  2. I don't know if it wold work to well, but i would definately like to see the results of the test, especially on acid and shrooms.
  3. Your test size is "one". Statistically, it's a meaningless experiment as far as objective empirical science is concerned. Even if you had clearly-defined results, it wouldn't be anything more than anecdotal.

    There is a lot of room for a double-blind control as well, if you were really interested in perusing it.

    Also, IQ tests are very limited in scope. They are very poor at indicating many other types of intelligence and fluid knowledge.

    I mean this might be useful for you to demonstrate concepts to yourself and your peer group, but don't expect to garner any grant money.
  4. Sam makes good points.....

    There would have to more to make it valid. You would need to repeat your one month experiment more than once to see if you achieve consistant results.

    Also, I don't know what you're going for, but IQ tests are very lacking. They are all different and they do not employ the neccesarry aspects to get a true gauge on ones intelligence. It isn't just figuring out deer in woods and gorgles vs. horgles and widligs vs hidligs..... there is hand/eye coordination, brain function, memory, reasoning, etc... Intelligence isn't measured by IQ tests alone. Intelligence can be measured in many different ways.... for instance, back in the day of Neandethals and Cromagnon-man... the stongest, fastest, most durable hunter with the most stamina would have been considered the 'smartest' because he is best equipt to deal with his surroundings.

    There was a documentary on either the Science Channel of Nat Geo about intelligence. They took a group of people for all walks of life.... genius (according to IQ), painter, kids, astrophysicist, etc... And they tested them on several different aspects of 'intelligence'. I believe it was called Battle of the Brains. It is definately worth a look.

    Scientifically, it wouldn't mean anything. But for entertainment, it should be interesting.

    I would set it up like this...

    -Your control is taking the IQ test 100% sober a few times and get the average.

    -Next, you go through your 3 groups... take the SAME IQ test on sativa a few times and get the average (onbiously the same amount of times per drug and control), then do the same with LSD and boomers.

    -Now, repeat the entire experiment again for validity.

    I'd really be interested in your results if you take the time to do it right and obtain valid results. I bet most people would think your IQ would rise when on LSD.... I'm not so sure. It should go down when baked, and on boomers.

    You should do it. That would be some serious tripping..... sweet. Don't forget you thesis and hypothesis!!
  5. Interesting... it would be cool indeed. But what about savants? i read something the other day where a mathematical genius took a modern IQ test and scored somewhere in the 60s and 70s, but when asked to do complex intense calculations from his head he was absolutely phenomenal...

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