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  1. Okay so im a senior in highschool, and im really diggin this chick thats in the grade below me, and prom is coming up. This girls friends told me that this same girl that i like wants me to take her to prom and she even kinda told me over a text.

    Now maybe 2-3 months ago this same girl told me she didnt like me like that. Now shes texting me asking me to come and get drunk with her and shit like that cuz i started ignoring her for a bit.

    She also asked me to hangout with her next week and i dont know how to play this....Should i mack on her, or just act like a friend to her cuz i find the more i play hard to get she comes after me but when i dont she makes me go after her and im so fucking confused..advice?

    is she just using me as a prom date? and how should i ask her:confused:
  2. Sounds like she's missing your attention, and she wants you back in her control, so she's giving you signs in the hope that you'll tell her you like her again and she's back in control of the situation, and she'll blow you off again.

    Or she's genuinely in to you and the rest is on you. Go for it.
  3. Find someone older highschool girls are defined by drama.

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