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Advice on How to be a Responsible Stoner

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Parmenides, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hi, I recently decided to pick up smoking again. This is great and all but part of the reason I gave up toking before was that it really got in the way of some things in my personal life. The demoitvation was the biggest problem. I would wake and bake everyday and then just say to myself "Fuck it." and not go to class. I wasted a lot of money on classes and do not want to repeat the same mistake.

    The second problem was paranoia. I have a brother with a psychotic disorder (bipolar) and have had some quasi-psychotic episodes myself. When these delusions were at their worse I thought everybody was reading my mind and was against me. These delusions are eerily similar to the ones my brother had when he had his major psychotic break. I do not want to repeat what happened to my brother. I should also mention that his psychotic episode was largely exacerbated by DXM although weed did play a role. I know that I can smoke weed without going crazy because I did it in the past for several months. After picking it back up recently I have not had as bad paranoia.

    Any advice would be appreciated. I love the herb I just don't want to be the stereotypical lazy, paranoid stoner.
  2. Hey Paramenides welcome to the forums, :bongin:

    The way to solve your problem is to smoke at night only, you have to spend all day sober.
    This is what helped me most, and I still smoke in days just when I'm chilling with someone, but I typically only hang with my friends around 7 or 8 anyways. I've just been midnight tokin sense I was so busy with college in the daytime. I had similar problems to what you described and don't anymore. I would recommend you try that before anything drastic.
  3. You control wether or not to goto class. Just go man, weed doesn't make you skip class, you make you skip class.
  4. Exactly, not being in denial that everything you consume affects you is the start and treating like responsible folk do alcohol doesn't seem like a bad idea. Time for the day to start winding down? Blaze it up
  5. Just remember, smoking is not a priority. There are many more important things that we must do which include work, school, children (if we have any), etc. Once you know you've completed everything for the day that truly NEEDS to be done then have your fun. I don't think anyone can rely lie down the rules of being a "responsible stoner" but in my personal opinion i find being a responsible stoner means keeping your priorities in check and sticking by them.
  6. ^^Yeah what the last guy said, just get your most important errands whether its academic or person finished before you smoke, bud should be a "reward" to finish an long stressful day.
  7. For me smoking just never really messed with my life when I get home and tired watching tv I spark up. during the week I pretty much smoke at night by myself then on the weekends its whatever. Just take care of all your responsiblities then when its all taken care of spark up.
  8. Never let it become more than a side hobby and you'll be good.
  9. I disagree. I have ADD and after medicating with many different methods I am acutely aware of how physiology affects motivation. Amphetamines, B vitamins, and exercise all have a positive affect on motivation whereas weed and alcohol are demotivating. There is a definite interdependent mind-body relationship.

    I feel like I know what I need to do to change, but it sucks, and I don't think it's worth it.
  10. I also have ADD, and am on the same medications you listed that help with motivation. Quite frankly, I haven't found that weed makes me less motivated, except when I'm stoned of course. I attend class consistently and never go there high. I also only smoke when I'm finished with other priorities like errands, homework, etc. I really only smoke as a shared hobby with friends or as a reward for finishing hard work.
  11. Use the weed as a reward. When you have finished you work for the day, then you can relax and smoke. I really think i enjoy my high better after putting in some work during the day as opposed to not doing anything or playing video games

  12. And I disagree, weed motivates me almost everyday. Like some others said just dont get stoned... I make 1 joint for the day and thats it. I usually have 1-2 hits in the morning that makes me really happy and motivated and then finish the rest after work. Easy.

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