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Advice on homemade bong.

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by JayDev, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone

    I just ordered a new bong, and it should get here on Wednesday or Thursday. (Which is taking forever, or so it seems! :D)

    I ordered a diffy and a new bowl to go with it, and it got me wondering if I could make a bottlebong from the stock parts that came with the bong. I'll be having a session when I get it, but not sure if I want my clumsy ass friend to use it. So I was thinking about making him a homemade bong, with the spare parts. Since he broke my last bong, I've just been using a waterbottle, with some hose, and a brass bowl out of an old pipe. Would adding a glass downstem and bowl hit any differently to my usual setup?

    Tl;dr -
    Got some spare parts, and am looking to put a bong together with them. Any tips?
  2. Id let him use the new piece, assuming last time was an accident. If not, still let him use it, just babysit his ass, he'll hate it and maybe become more conscious of a bongs fragile beauty.
  3. just tell him the only way he can smoke is out of a shit ass water bottle bong made with shitty parts. Dont even use the spare parts on his bitch made faggot ass. Puss ass muthafucka
  4. Haha. I'm still a bit sketchy over him using my pieces because the last one he broke was a $300 bong
  5. tell him if he wants to smoke he can make a fucking can.

    And you get to hit it 2 times first out of your bong then you will dump the remains out into his can pipe.
  6. Hahaha. Maybe I'll just go through the session myself and tell him he can have the resin. But he'll need to make a can to smoke it.
  7. yeah that's even better your friend sounds like a dick
  8. Lol make sure to blow into the bong so the twice smoked bud gets soaked with dirty bong water. I also recommend making him wear glass handling gloves and coating him in bubble rap.
  9. That might make his retarded ass even more prone to drop it though.

    I like your bong water 3rd hit idea though.
  10. Did he pay in to help you replace the bong he broke? If not don't let him touch your new one and if he says anything tell him he owes on the one he broke and make him a water bottle bong or give him spare parts and tell him to make his own
  11. I would personally get him ripped, then put down a 300 dollar beating on him, then whatever the weed costed. Say you gave him a gram and a half at 10 a g. A 315 dollar beating gives you some interesting options. Broken fingers, smile scars, tongue cut out, golf club to the nuts and so on. Good luck,
  12. i think you should ass rape him with the new bong. Till him if he clinches up and breaks this one it wont be pretty
  13. I would ass rape him with the big end first, and threaten to break it while it's inside of him, then beat him with a chair and steal his wallet so you can steal his identity later. Then fuck with his taxes so the IRS will raps him also
  14. Haha, nah he didn't pay anything. And he's the kind of person who always has weed but never smokes it, so I pretty much smoke it for him. So I guess he's paid me back in a way.

    And trust me man, I thought about the bubble wrap plenty of times haha.
  15. You smoked 300 dollars of his weed? Dude I think you might be the douche of the relationship no offense lmaooo
  16. post a picture of said bong-breaker so we can all ridicule him some more.

    Tell me he's not a ginger....please don't let him be a ginger.
  17. Please let him be a ginger. Please be a ginger. I haven't lynched a ginger in a while and my hemp rope is getting lonely.
  18. Haha, I have no idea how much I've smoked. But he always just rocks up to my place with a few g's and insists I smoke it with him. (Though he only has 1 or 2). But I never smoke his weed without his consent, haha.

    And nah, he's a big black guy haha
  19. Holy shit scratch my last like four posts. I can't bong-ass rape a black guy... that's a hate crime! Plus he'll probably beat the living shit out of me.

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