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  1. I have got one seed and wish to start growing it but am limited in what I have in equipment and will be growing it indoors in my home.
    I used to have geckos so still have the heat lamp so can this be used for growing or can the plant actually be grown without any special stuff and grow it just like any house plant?

  2. Growing Cannabis is not as easy as one thinks. It takes funding$$$ and a well thought out plan as to how your gonna tend to your plants for the next couple months.
    Your first step is to understand what the ramifications are if your growing. Especially in a state that it is frowned upon. Even if it's legal there can also be some problems that could arise so you definitely have to take an inventory of the pro's and con's to it and if it would be better to just buy.
    After that you need a designated grow space determined by your living area and how many plants you want to grow.
    Materials for your grow would be:
    lights (MH, HPS, CFL's, LED, etc)
    type of grow setup (organic-soil; hydro)
    meters (PH, TDS, Soil, Moisture)
    grow equipment (reflective walls, panda film, measuring cup, pots, water catchers, etc.)
    Be more specific with your game plan.
  3. ^^^^ this this this.

    Your grow is only going to be as good as the amount of interest you takile in it. Read and research, take advantage of the stickies and information on this forum. Then, if you still ha e questions about specifics, ask a question.

    I've been growing for almost 7 years and I still come around here every day to learn something new.

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