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  1. SO i have good seeds and bag seeds and extra plants so i wanted to try to harvest a mini plant of seeds. First off im assuming its possible.
    im looking for advice on the whole pollinating and growing part because i serously have no clue.

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    grow the seeds/genetics you want to mix together. dont cull the males and flip to 12/12.
    the male pollen sacks will open up and pollinate the females and beans will form in her calyx.
    kind of pointless unless your really looking to breed some quality genetics and combine the characteristics of the former!
  3. I'd suggest a slightly different strategy - once your plants show sex and you have a male that looks like something you want to breed, cut the top off a few nodes down (make sure there are a few male flowers on the part you cut off, but do this before the pollen sacs open) and put it in a glass of water somewhere other than where your females are.  Let it lean over the side of the glass and put down a glass plate or a piece of paper or foil or whatever - something to collect pollen on - and basically treat it like a flower in a vase.  Change the water every couple of days and keep it in a window or under 1 or 2 CFL bulbs.  Make sure all males are away from your ladies before their pollen sacs open or you'll seed your whole crop.  Once the pollen sacs on the male you've chosen open and the pollen has fallen onto your plate, scrape up the pollen with a clean razor blade and store in an air tight container in the freezer for up to 18 months.  I've heard film canisters are good (does anyone even still have those?), but anything that is totally clean and dry and air tight will work.  
    When you want seeds, thaw the pollen for a few hours then use a small artist's paintbrush to apply a very small amount of pollen to one or two of the lower bud sites on a flowering female.  Be very, very careful with the pollen making sure you only get it on the buds you want seeds on.  Misting with water is supposed to help kill off excess pollen after you pollinate.  Seeds will form only on the buds you pollinated and the rest of your lady will be sinsemilla.  Pollinating a couple of lower buds can give you a hundred seeds need to pollinate a whole plant. 
    This method will allow you to selectively breed without seeding your whole crop, and is definitely not pointless if you're looking to do some of your own crosses, or just produce your own seeds for future grows instead of dealing with the buying/shipping process.  
    If you decide to go with the method ganja green posted, be sure to clean your space REALLY well after a seed run, or you could end up with seeds in subsequent runs due to latent pollen. 

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