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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HeMadeMeDoIt, Feb 19, 2009.

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    I've grown this strain several times but would like to get some feedback from others who have too. I use Gen hydro, grow under 1000w HPS lights veg until the plants are about 12 inches (2-3 Weeks) under a MH 1000w light in beer cups. I use a co2 burner that I have set to 1500ppm and maintain PH between 5.8-6.2.

    I grow in pro mix in 2 gallon pots and have 25 plants/1000w to flower. I spray with ocean magic twice a week and use molasses from veg until i harvest at 8 weeks. I use over drive with Max bloom 0-50-30 to finish starting mid week 5.

    My room temperature in the room goes a high as 92 when the CO2 burner comes on although I have the AC cranked all the time. I'm assuming this isnt a problem with the CO2 levels in the room which I'm debating increasing to 1800PPM. Once I start flowering I do 2 food and 1 Water and follow GHs chart. I also use growzyme every feeding/watering and do 1 Quart of voodo juice at the beginning of every flowering. This time around I found the plants to be a little stretchy and lame looking so I tried liquid fish fertilizer and it seemed to work really well.

    I've topped my plants in week 2 of veg this time for the first time. Wondering if I should top twice next time to get 4 colas or more.

    Any suggestions?
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  3. Sounds like you got everything down. The temperature is a little high, should try to get it a few degrees cooler.
  4. Im trying but i have 5 lights and a CO2 burner in the room. Im under the impression that you're good till mid 90s providing you are pumping co2 in.
  5. you tried air cooling your lights? Cooltube was best thing i ever invested in...keeps my room temperature down an extra almost 10 degrees
  6. you said you got 5lights? in your first post it says 1000watt mh? So you got 1 1000 watt or 5 200 watts?
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    The veg room has 1x1000w MH light as i Veg in beer cups and they require much less space. The flowering room has 5x1000w HPS because i flower in 2 gallon pots. I wasnt clear in the first post. I mentioned 25plants/1000w light.

    Would I ave to change the shades to have them air cooled or is it something i can add on? I've just bought these new $170 shades and got rid of the rectangular ones that were too hot underneath and didnt provide as good coverage. I'll take some pics and post them.
  8. With the experience I've had and from people I've chatted with is PK uses less CO2 then most plants. They also require a smaller feeding program. Try maybe feed 1x and water 2x? PK seems to get powder mildue. Did you check for that?
  9. I've never had any powder midew except the one time I switched to 1 gallon pots and doubled the number of plants. More plants and less circulation was a problem. I usually do 2x food and one water. More feedback would be great on this issue.

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