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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm looking for a small grow setup to grow 4 plants for personal use. I'm looking for a decent yeild on each plant, and I'd be happy with 4oz per grow. I've grown before, but just a little setup in my younger days. I've got a lot of reading and learning to do.

    Anyway, onto the setup. I've been looking a grow kits, specifically LED. I read that they cut down on electricity costs and still provide the right spectrum that's optimal for growing.

    The setup I had in mind was this:

    Any thoughts or advice on this?

    I have around a £500 budget in total, I can spend more if needed. As I said, I'm pretty much a beginner and would welcome any advice. I want to start growing strains that help me medically instead of relying on whatever the dealer has.
  2. For you need fox farm ocean soil and fox farm grow big also ph up and down and 1 gallon pots and 3 gallon pots other thing is 4 clip on fans hope this you
  3. Don't ever buy a kit, buy things individually, as those people who make those kits up most times have know idea how to setup a growing environment! First your tent... for 4 plants I would use a 48" x 48" / 122cm x !22cm. Height... your tent height will depend on what strains you want to grow. But to cover everything, where you won't have to say to your self later, shit I should have bought a taller tent, get something that is at least 72" / 184cm. After that, you will need 25ft - 50ft of 6" ducting, 2 roll of ducting tape, 6, 6" ducting clamps, 1 power strip, 1, 12ft extension cord, 1, 6" carbon filter, 1 vent / ducting fan, 1 circulation fan, 1 or 2 led lights, or 1 HID light and a cool hood if using HID lighting. So here in the U.S. I can buy all that from Amazon or even off fleabay...

    grow tent = ebay/$70.00/ free shipping
    ducting 25ft plastic inner lined = ebay/$15.99/free shipping
    6" ducting clamps = ebay/$12.00/free shipping
    1, 6 outlet power strip = ebay/$7.99/free shipping
    1, carbon filter = ebay/$60.00/free shipping (2 sellers on ebay get their filters from the same global MFG as CAN Filters / Mountain Air Filters)
    don't get suckered into paying higher prices for a brand name that you can get for cheaper without the name attached, remember, research will always save you lots of money!!!!
    1 12ft extension cord = ebay/$6.99/free shipping
    1 flat window circulation fan, 3 fans = ebay/$24.99/free shipping
    2 rolls of ducting tape = ebay/$5.49/free shipping
    6" CF fan 440cfm = ebay/$49.99/free shipping

    That all comes to.... U.S.$253.44/$175.00£

    That would leave you with over $300£ to buy a nice LED or HID of your choosing. Then all you would need to grow would be....

    smart pots = 4 x $5.00 = $20.00
    ph / ppm meter = $20.00
    ph calibration kit = $14.00
    ph up/down = $15.00
    nutrient kit = $20.00 - $35.00
    soil = $10.00 - $25.00
    perlite = $10.00

    You could get all the above + your light for way less than 300£. Buying a kit is always a bad idea because it will never have what you EXACTLY NEED to begin growing anything....
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  4. Damn, that was a fantastic response! Thank you. I will be compiling a list today and checking out places to get what I need in the UK.

    Many many thanks.
  5. I don't like the grow kits. First off, all of that stuff for that price tells me that something in there is super cheap. It's going to be the LED light they're including because a good quality 300 watt LED typically runs around $500 by itself. I don't like wasting my money on cheapness and then having to go back and buy again. You'll end up with much better and more dependable stuff when you buy individually and for goodness sake, get yourself a decent lighting setup. The yield at harvest is will be directly proportional to the amount of light they get during the cycle so you definitely want something that's going to do the job. Those super cheap lights are put together with the cheapest components and labor and I can't tell you how many posts I've seen where people bought them and then regretted it. Before I bought one single thing, I would do my research. Since veg is where you start, work on pulling everything together to get through the veg cycle. It really doesn't take much if you do it right....good formulated grow soil is always best and starting your plants out in very small containers like Solo cups is the way to go. If you confine the root space, it takes the plant less time to root in and get back to growing foliage. If you put a tiny seedling into a huge container, it takes weeks for it to form a sufficient root system and then get back to working on foliage. Confine the root space and when the plant itself is larger than the container it's in, repot into fresh soil in new container and do it all over again. Each time you pot up, you get fresh soil and will not need nutrients until the plant has had a chance to use up what is naturally in the soil. We typically don't have to start nutes until a week or two before I put them in for flowering because they get repotted several times during veg and the nutes they need are in the soil. Does that make sense? A lot of people think that giving them nutes is going to make them grow big and produce more. It does help to grower a bigger plant, but the lighting is what determines how big that plant grows and how the buds are going to develop.

    I know everyone spends a ton of time thinking about putting together the setup that is best for their situation. But please don't ignore the other part of it....the learning how to grow part. Most don't bother to try and find out "how" to grow these the right way. You can have the finest setup in the world but if you don't know how to grow, it's going to be a disaster.. So spend as much time or more on the growing part of the puzzle before you start. You'll have many less stressful days during the process if you're armed with correct information!! Good luck! TWW
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  6. I totally agree with you. The lighting is very important to me.

    In the perfect world I'd like a nice LED setup, but it's expensive as hell and I won't be going down that route. At least not yet. In another ideal world I'd like a HID for veg and HPS for flowering, but that too is beyong my budget atm. I am on the lookout for a good HPS.

    For soil I was going to go with Fox Farm Ocean soil. Seems to be the best. Many of the video's and guides I've read do not use nutrients at all and they get some good yeilds. I understand maintaining a good PH balance is important (6.5 -7 I believe).

    I'm not really after quantity, but more about quality. As natural as possible. If that makes sense. It's more like a hobby that I've always wanted to take up.
  7. I don't have a whole lot of experience but I have a cheap 180w ufo that's done decent for 3 grows now with no problems also have a Mars old style 300w led that's been used in only one grow both in 2x2 but no problems. But I just bought a 4x4 and I'm getting some cheap 900w LEDs. Good luck man

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