Advice on growing glookies outdoors.

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  1. Hi all. This will be my 2nd year growing Has anyone grown glookies outdoors? I going to be growing this strain this year. So I'm looking for any advice from anyone that has tried this strain outdoors. I will be growing in 2 20, 1 40, and one 60-gallon fabric pots once moved outside. Using amended step well super soil from last year. Does this strain react well to topping or fim? Or should I just let it do its thing?
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    Me personally i wouldnt top outside. Topping is training to get the most out of your space. Outside in the sun I'd let her be all natural and stress free

    Topping will keep a plant under a 6 foot fence, not topping you might get a plant the size of your garrage door
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  3. Plants are Plants

    Soar free my friends.
    Last summer set.
    That 15 foot plant is Right Turn Clide.

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  4. You don't tie down or anything? I topped my plants last year they were very wide but for how big they were the yield was not what I was expecting. 20220809_072006.jpg
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  5. I didn't grow last year, but the 2 previous years I topped my outdoor plants for the first time. Reason being is had 10 foot trees prior to that and I wanted to keep my plants away from nosy neighbors. Ultimately I kept my plants at about 5 feet during the run and I've gotta say I will ALWAYS top from now on. Not only because of the privacy issue, but I got fat, solid colas throughout the entire plant versus having a 10 foot tree that (if you don't know what you're doing) will have great bud up top, decent in the middle, and shit on the bottom. Now that I've done this a few times, I'll take quality over quantity any day!

    If you're in doubt, top a plant or 2 and let the others go. See the difference for yourself.

    Good luck!!
  6. Did you just top once, just the tops or side nodes as well? I have no problem topping I did it last year. But my yield was super low for the amount of top I had. In the picture above I topped once and fimmed those 2 tops once. For the number of tops on that planet I thought id get at least a pound of just that plant. It was not close to that. Could have just been the strain though.
  7. I topped throughout the grow. I would say couple times a month, maybe weekly when they were really growing well. Also topped every top node, trying to keep the plant as even as possible. Not saying that's the only way to do it, but I had great results!
  8. Does topping that much not reduce the size of the buds? I read that somewhere last year before I found this site to ask questions.
  9. It will reduce the overall mass, but doing it this way creates more light to reach other colas, so eventually you have consistent quality throughout the plant. Your buds on the bottom will be damn near as good as those up top.
  10. I also did a lot of tieing down last year to open things up. They were very wide with lots of tops. Just never got nice-sized buds. 20220809_072006.jpg 20220917_160550.jpg
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  11. Yeah fuck stress training of any sort outdoors. My current guy uses bent PVC pipes like in an arch and cross ❌ frame to hold the plants from falling over. And yes though the quality of our 4 plants last season was all that great, the plants all got huge and we produced quiiiiiite a bit. Pounds for sure. Ne ways yeah tall AF and wide AF too. Huge plants just letting em grow in dirt and sun. No ferts just sun , wind, rain water , dirt, and old school genetics.

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