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    Sup all,

    Earlier I had a few questions but I have another one for all you blades out there...

    Well here is the background :

    In my Junior year of high school, me and this girl A were in 3/4 classes together and we were talking alot about things. Well, as usual in these situations, I sortof gained a crush on her so as natural, I invited her to prom. Well she said no becasue someone had already asked her so i was fucking depressed for a week then asked someone else. After this, although looking back it wasn't her fault, I stopped talking to her.

    Then during my senior year of highschool we started talking again and began haning out more over the summer after senior year.

    Well, going to college she texted me out of the blue saying something like "I miss you =(" and so this initated a text conversation between us for a while. I asked her how shit was a t her school and told her about mine and then the conversation ended as they all do. I ddnt talk to her for a while when she texted me back maybe 2 months later in a similar fashion. Once again we talked and then it really just ended. She got a Boy friend about 1/3 through the year and so I didnt talk to her at all when they were dating....maybe once or twice and so I hadnt talked to her in dayss until she recently just texted me

    She told me that she just broke up with her boyfriend and that we should hang out over summer ALot, she even sent me a card to my school through the mail. I plan on hanging out with her friend sometime this week. I have always dug this girl, she smokes weed, she is FINE AS FUCK, and there are all around good things about her.

    I plan on seeing some movie with her, smoking bowls and chilling but then she tells me her freind is coming.

    questions for all:

    how should i go about flirting with her, esp with her friend there(who is pretty cute too lol)

    you think i should even flirt? after her BF thing?

    any tips for flirting? i dont feel like i give the right impression

    When I flirt with a girl, I say jokes and shit, but I want to know how to be more "manly" about it. Ive heard that it involves alot of contact, jokes directed at her and what else?
  2. I don't understand which girl you're going for? You were talking about one than all of sudden you were gonna hang out with her friend. So I don't get which ones vagina you wanna touch:confused_2: Shit just go for both I guess.

    Anyway the flirting bit...I dunno dude, I'm not "manly" when I flirt with a girl I just flirt and make jokes and be silly with her. I don't feel manly about it at all if anything I feel like a little bitch about it. Just be fun.
  3. Sounds like she already likes/wants u if she keeps trying to get together with u
  4. Theres only one thing to do on this situation:

    Aim for the threesome *****!!
  5. don't start flirting, flirting is when you have no appreciation for each other and its cute, what she wants from you is to eel not interested in her, especially until the time is right and to instead show her more about your self
  6. It seems that she likes you based on your post.

    As for flirting, treat her to an extent like a guy friend. Tease her, joke with her. Don't put the pussy on a pedestal. Just be confident and get some ass
  7. If she didn't like you she wouldn't have put in the effort to stay in touch with you after high school, and you wouldn't have come to her mind after the break up.

    I don't know how much you've hung out with her, but if you want it to work you want her to like you for you.. Not some persona you put on to impress her. That being said, don't TRY to flirt, just act yourself.

    Don't treat her like just another friend. Make sure you let her know you're interested in being more than friends, by doing things like complimenting how gorgeous she looks that day, making her feel really special, and so on, but you don't need to do anything specific to 'flirt'

    A lot of women don't like flirty men, becuase they tend to come across as smarmy and flirt with everyone. Flirting is usually seen more as playful than as actually trying to get somewhere. You already have her liking you, you already have her hanging out with you, now you just need to see if she likes you for being you.
  8. If you think about it, you really have NOTHING to lose by making a move and letting her know you are interested. In your current situation, you are just friends from high school that don't see each other a whole lot, and if you don't make a move then your situation will stay the same or get worse; she could end up just seeing you as a friend and not being interested in you romantically. And that would probably hurt you to have these feelings for this girl and for her to not return them.

    But if you flirt with her and tease her and see how she reacts then who knows what will happen?
  9. I want to thank you guys for all your posts to help. Ill be sure to +rep some of you guys becasue the advice reallly helped.

    My new predicament now though is that she is bringing her freind with her which might be awkward for me if I was flirting with her...or maybe I'm just trippen
  10. i don't think it would be awkward for you to flirt with the girl from highschool. The only thing that would make it weird is if you end up forgetting that her friend is even there/making her feel left out or whatever. Engage in conversation with both of them, but if you really do like your highschool friend I don't think theres a problem with being a little more friendly towards her.
  11. TOUCH, TOUCH, TOUCH. Don't high-five her ass as soon as you see her, but a light touch on the arm followed by a smile and "Haven't see you in god knows how long." Should put off a good impression.

    A good way to tell if she likes you:

    When she does something that you might question as flirty, think about if a guy just did that to you. If a guy friend of yours did that, would it make you uncomfortable? If so, that is probably a sign of interest from her.

    Just a way I look at it, most importantly, have fun, be yourself. Oh, and don't forget the gum. ;)

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