Advice on getting gym girls phone no.

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  1. Hey hey,

    I just wanted to ask for some advice off you guys, who have provided me with solid answers in the past.

    There's this girl at the gym that I've been going to for a couple of weeks, I've only seen her there three times but I think I've caught her looking at me on two of those occasions, she's always alone and I'm pretty tempted to try and get talking to her, maybe ask for her number, but I just don't know how to get the conversation started and don't wanna make it awkward since we're both gonna be in the gym together in future, and it's a pretty small gym.
    She seems to mainly use the cardio stuff and I use the weight area so we don't really have much reason to talk about using a machine or whatever.

    Long story short - girl at gym alone, think she looked at me a couple times, wanna get her number but not sure how to start the conversation.

    Thanks guys, any advice is appreciated.



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  2. Lesson #1: Scratch the line "get her number" out of your head.

    It is unfortunate how popular that activity and just saying it has become since it leads far too many men to focus on the wrong task. It makes them focus on "getting them digits" instead of actually connecting with the girl. You'd think the two would be the same. Apparently they're not.

    No, I don't mean you have to share a Notebook type moment with her at the gym as the sky lights up in fireworks, but don't zero in on getting the digits. Focus on actually making a valid introduction and sane and easy flowing conversation. The digits are an easy given, should you accomplish the first part.

    I make this specific distinction since all throughout high school, college, and even after college I've witnessed guys blurt out " can I get them digits" on the absolute worst points of a conversation. OF COURSE the answer for those guys has almost always been a "lol no". After about the 20th or 30th time witnessing this, it dawned on me. These guys are not actively making a valid connection. They are simply waiting to unload that line.

    So, provided you judged the situation accurately and you think you have a real shot @ this, my advice would be figure out what to say and how a full blown conversation between you two would flow. I don't know this girl and maybe she's dumber than a sack of bricks, but if she's not she will expect a sane and flowing conversation. Figure that part out and you'll have digits and many more things.
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  3. Hey I11matic,

    This is a simple one. Go and say to her that you dont do much CV in your work-out and would she mind talking you through her doing so you get to spend a bit of time with her. At the end, ask if maybe next time you could help her add weights to her routine (more time together) and in the meantime, could you buy her a drink after the gym to thank her for her help. If it's a no-no then at least you tried but from what you say, it sounds like you might just have cracked it!

    Good luck man, may love blossom like beautiful buds!

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  4. I would try to catch her on her way out. If she rejects you its easier. Try to smile at her , maybe even wave. If she engages you back with either, then try to make conversation. "Hey can I talk to you ?" You can even make a joke "hey I like your shoes" (since most running shoes are hella fuckin ugly) If she smiles at you its a good sign. If she looks reluctant , that's ok she might just be nervous . As long as she obliges having a conversation then you should be ok.

    Body language is important. Keep your eyes focused on hers when talking to her. She's all sweaty n shit from running so try to just lock in on her eyes. Smile often but not too much , don't wanna seem creepy.

    The conversation should involve getting her name initially , acknowledge that you notice her at the gym, possibly trying to find interests or something in common and THEN focusing on potentially setting something up. Do not tell her she's "gorgeous , beautiful or pretty " you just fuckin met her and that shit is hella cheesy to say to someone you barely know or see. Plus you're at the gym where people are covered in sweat and stuff, she knows she ain't lookin her best. Remember : you may not even get a number this go , but if you can tell she's interested in you , there's always next time.

    As long as you can break the ice , get a name , and establish a level of acquaintance, then you get her number (or wait for it) and make plans.

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  5. Since some good tips have already been mentioned, I'll just add be mindful in your approach. There exceptions to every rule, but a lot of girls are at the gym are there to focus on improving themselves. So, I'd suggest reading some of her body language before you engage. If she's sweaty, has headphones in, and is rushing for the front door or she's heading back to the ladies locker room...than abort. But get her at the right time, and manage to get a casual non awkward conversation going, and you're well on your way. I'd plan on several interactions before the infamous digits are in your possession. But maybe not.

    And how well do you like your gym? I wouldn't think most guys would date within a small gym for obvious reasons.
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  6. Tell her your name is Chad.

    Note: This won't work if she already knows your name.
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  7. OK this is what ya do
    Work out in shorts with no underwear
    Let it all hang out The chicks will flock to you
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  8. That's a good point, I'm kinda embarrassed I didn't think about it myself, she looks great and I'm pretty nervous so making any real conversation is gonna be difficult but I think I might give it a go in the next week or so if I see her :)

    Thanks man, that is a good idea, and funnily enough I've been thinking about starting some HIIT stuff on the bike machines (which seems to be on most times I see her), so maybe that's a good way to start a conversation :)

    I thought about trying to catch her when she leaves but as LexiswithaA said she's probably gonna be pretty self conscious on her way out of the gym, with being sweaty and what not.
    I think making conversation and calculating her interest is the most important thing at the moment, I may try next time I see her.

    Thanks this really helped, I actually quite like my gym and am also only 1 month into a 12 month membership so don't really wanna risk making it too awkward to go haha! I'm gonna see what the situation is like next time I'm in the gym at the same time as her and see what I think, then maybe try and find a way to make conversation from there, at the same time I don't want the conversation to seem forced so might wait it out until we're in closer proximity with machines etc.

    But... My name is Chad?

    I lied, but it does kinda rhyme with Chad.

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  9. I would try this, but I just don't think I could deal with the slapping against my knee for a whole gym session.

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  10. Engage her in conversation before you ask for her number. Just asking for her digits straightaway can seem a little creepy and might make her uncomfortable. It's a lot better to establish a friendly report first so you don't end up looking like a fuckboy.
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  11. Don't hit on girls at the gym.
  12. ^ what he said. Literally every girl I know has said they hate being hit on at the gym.

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