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Advice on Drug Test (pre employment) HELP

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cosmicmandolin, May 6, 2016.

  1. Stats:
    I am 5'5, 155 pound female, average build
    I took my test May 3rd (pre-employment) urine sample.

    Smoked a couple times a day until January of this year. Then 2-3 times a times a week in Jan Feb and March - I was looking for a job so wanted to slow down and dry out.

    Stopped April 2nd
    Smoked April 12th and 13th (just a couple hits)
    I Passed Home tests April 18th through May 2nd. I took about 15 tests all negative. The brand is easy@home and i ordered from Amazon.

    Yesterday (May 5th) my potential manager called and asked for my SS# so he could pull my drug screen and i gave it to him. I acted like no big deal. I asked him when my background check would come back and he said end of week and I asked about the physcial and drug test and he said beginning of next week. I fillled out the background info online last week.

    Im jonesing so bad and I'm paranoid about my test result. If I dont get this job I'm screwed. I take meds too: lexapro, lamictal, vyvanse and ambien.

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