Advice on drug dogs sniffing apartment doors

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  1. So some junkie was stupid and nodded off in the parking lot of my apartment complex. My landlord is pretty cool and told me that they are going to have drug dogs come door to door and smell doorknobs. I know they can smell it if I touched weed and used that hand to open a doorknob. I mostly vape and when I have smoked it regularly, I blow it out the window with a fan and use a special spray for smoke that breaks down enzymes. My question is, if I bleached my doors and contained my stuff in airtight bags in the furtherest room, would I be alright? Or what should I do? Anyone with knowledge is appreciated!
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  2. Apartment or not it's still your home and your castle. Defend it at all cost ! Bar the door and refuse to answer it. Your under no obligation to answer your door even for the police. They can't break it down without a search warrant and no judge is going to issue one for an apartment simply on a dog alert.
    As a landlord I have to give you at least 2 weeks notice and set up an appointment with you to enter your apartment.
    The only exceptions are if there is water pouring out from under your door then I can enter unannounced but that is the ONLY exception.
    Renters have rights and if I fuck up I the landlord goes to Jail not you the tenant.
    If they open your door without the correct steps you'll have them by the balls and any lawyer would love the case.
    My 2 cents
    Been down this road more then a few times.
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  3. leave your door locked don't answer and go on about your day. 4th amendment rights
  4. Leave a bunch of dark chocolate dipped in peanut butter all around the complex, thatll make them think twice about sending dogs out. Dont get caught!
  5. Take some weed and touch every doorknob in your building. They wont have a leg to stand on if every one smells like weed. Sounds like an empty threat to me. Also you have rights as a tenant. They cannot enter without at least 24 hours notice. And i doubt they will get a search warrant based on a scent of weed on a doorknob.

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  6. In most states the smell of marijuana is not considered exigent circumstances. Meaning they could be standing outside your door with the obvious smell of marijuana in the hallway and you could tell them to go blow themselves. They can not enter your property, even if it's rented, without a warrant. I wouldn't advise this, tell them to sod off, but they have no more power in that situation than a normal citizen. Under no circumstances open the door to them. It can be interpreted as an invitation to come inside and you just waived a lot of your rights away. Politely say no thank you to entering your home and to have a nice day.

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  7. Blow dank smoke under the door. C-mon people, common sense
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  8. I would sprinkle cayenne pepper right behind the door.
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  9. Set fire to your apartment. It's the only way
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  10. Put them in airtight bags, and put that bag in a bag, and that bag in a bag, put some washing powder ONTOP of that bag, and put another bag over it. If the apartment is small, get some microwave popcorn and burn it. It will mask the smell for the dogs.
    Plus the cops cannot enter your apartment without a warrant. If the dog smells something and goes to your apartment, the cops legally cannot enter. The dog isn't enough proof. The most important thing about police encounters is to stand your ground and to know your rights (like, actually know it. Don't make up some random right or law).
    I believe in America, if the cops want to search your house without a warrant, just say that you are upholding your fourth amendment right and nothing else.

    Fourth Amendment: "[t]he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated."

    But you should be fine. If this is really worrying you, hide the weed at a friends or in your car. I was sh!t scared when cops came with dogs to my school. That's because just 3 days before the dogs came, I had about 3 ounces in my bag.. It literally covered up the entire front pocket of the bag. lol.
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  13. No reason in hell you should let them in or give reason to. Only reason for most part is if they here a distressed person yelling. Defend your rights confidently and they wont think they can get away with something illegal.
  14. Fourth Amendment :)
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