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Advice on concentrate chocolate?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Isleauxmorts, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Alright, i want to make marijuanna chocolates, but i have a ton of specific questions i need answered. So im sorry if they are jumbled or confusing but here they come.

    So these chocolates are going to be made with qwiso oil, so i suppose what i need to know is, how can i make qwiso oil edible and how do i incorporate it into a chocolate?

    Also, i am a heavy smoker, i find that i have a high tolerance compared to most others. So i really want to know exact amounts (well, estimates because you guys arent me haha) of what i need to put into each dose. I have heavy experience with bho oil and qwiso oil in the sense of smoking it. But not a large amount eating it. So as a dosage, i would like one chocolate to give a nice solid buzz and a second to give an intense high. Ive heard that a 100-150mg oral dose of oil will provide a strong high. So can i assume a modest 75mg per dose (planned 1 inch by 1 inch chocolate square) would after one dose give me a decent buzz and two doses resulting in a soaring high?

    Another concern i have, will i only get an accurate dosage if i syringe a dose (assumed 75mg) into a single chocolate? Or is it accurate as well to put a a larger amount in a batch and trust it will be evenly spread throughout a sheet i would then cut into the right size after doing some math and figuring out how much oil per chocolate and such?

    Im sure ill have more questions dreamnt up more questions before someone answers, so thank you in advance. I know they are specifc, but its hard to find exactly what you want without asking for exactly what you want. Thanks again everyone !

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