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  1. I have a 3x3 tent that is currently hosting a single dwc auto grow. My first grow with a cheap eBay 300 w led yielded 2.5 ounces of Pineapple Express dry. I see that the yields will improve significantly if I provide more light all other things being equal.

    Can anyone help me with a COB diy plan for my 3x3 with 2 Dwc plants? I understand that the Cree is the best but are there cost efficient alternatives? I'm not sure about sourcing the LEDs from eBay as I've heard that some sell poor quality cobs (dead LEDs) or manufacturers rejects.
  2. Actually I am hearing Vero 29 not sure which generation.
    In your case I would plan for 300-350 watts dimmable, you would have to choose layout for your tent, max power, UV etc. But more importantly you have the ability to design your own light. So maybe you want to throw some 6000K in there for the initial veg on its own dimmer and then kick in 3000K's for the finish, there are many options.

    Also, quantum boards and Samsung F series and Bridgelux EB series light strips.
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  3. I have the cree 3590 diy from cutter electronics 200 watt 4 cob set up. You are going to want the 5 or 6 cob set up for your size 3x3. Or just get it already built from timber grow lights for a little more money. Imho it's worth the little more. Their work is exceptional. I have a used Calif light works 440 full cycle light with the veg/bloom settings and uvb for sale. I was just getting ready to box it up for storage when my wife suggested I sell it. It's a good light and works well. My 2 cents.make a reasonable offer if u want it
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  4. 1 cob per square foot ( 9 in total), ran at 30-80w, giving you 30-80w sq/ft with 50w being a good goal.

    Personally I've built my first of many 4 cob Vero 29's using gen 7's paired to a hlg320-c2100a. For 320w, 30-79w per cob.

    Cheap spot for cobs and drivers check out king Brite on

    But also 220w of led raised my 4x4 tent up 4-10F. And the full 320w is 8-14F.
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