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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by shanghaining, May 13, 2010.

  1. Wusup guys, it's great to be here. Looking forward to meeting you all.

    I just recently started a pot and soil project using CFLs

    I currently have 10x23W 65k CFL and 2x23W 35k CFL
    Total Lumen: 19200 for 3 plants




    For soil, I'm using nothing but Miracle Gro. The plants been growing for about 4 weeks and I'm worried about the pot not being big enough and soil not having enough nuts. I ordered Jack's classic 20-20-20, its on its way but my questions are:

    Do I need to re-pot? I have a 8" diameter pot thats 6.5" deep. The soil fills up to about 5 inches.

    Temp is about 80F constantly in the closet, will the plants be ok in 80F?

    When should I start adding nuts into the water?

    Any tips are greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!! :smoking:
  2. bummp thanks
  3. yes you will need a 3-5 gallon pot/bucket for a good room system. you should try to stay away from miracle gro because of time release nutes, i had a plant in there for the first 3 weeks and it thrived but i could deff see problems with the time release nutes. you can start using the fert at 1/4 or 1/2 strength at any time they are old enough now but looking good they shouldnt even need nutes right now.
  4. I'm confused when people say 1/4 or 1/2 strength. what does that mean? is there an indicator on the nutes? :confused: sorry for the newbie question.

    Whats the best method to repot them at my stage? wait for the soil becomes a bit dry then take it out? should I add other ingredients to the soil at this point?

    thanks for the advice tho! :hello:
  5. on the container that nutes come in it will say like "1tsp per gallon" or something. go with 1/2 or 1/4 of what the package says at first. and when it comes to what kind to get, the best place to start is by looking for things that are good for tomato plants because they grow similarly. a really good brand to go with is Fox Farms "grow big" for veg and "big bloom" for flowering. just google it and you'll find plenty of info and its not really expensive at all. they also make a really good soil, Fox Farms Ocean Forest. im not sure where to find it other than a hydro store. some nurserys might carry it too but im not sure. and as for transplanting, heres a really good guide for it. and i highly suggest you get a different type of soil when you transplant, maybe something like the F.F.O.F. that i mentioned. miracle grow is kinda taboo around here, most people are really against it because of the chemical/time release nutes.
  6. right on man! thanks for the info. now i need to run out tomorrow to get soil and pot.

    does anyone have any other recommendation for soil? maybe a brand that OSH have or local hardware store would have? i don't like ordering stuff online mainly due to the wait time. if i want something i want it now LOL

    i feel bad now because of the fact my plants are sitting in miracle grow :(
  7. wondering if you topped your plants?
  8. Look for a nursery in your area, they usually carry organic/nice soils to choose from. Make sure you buy perlite too.
  9. funny thing you asked (wondering why you ask) but i actually did top the middle plant. (by top i just cut off the top sprouting leaf)

    how come you ask??? is there something i should know o_O

    Sloat Garden Center is right across the street from me....I'll check them out tomorrow. Any other recommendation besides Fox Farm?
  10. yea 5 gallon bucket for sure
  11. perlite, fox farm ocean forest, and what else? some rockwool? sand?

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