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Advice on buying my first bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by emeraldflag, Oct 1, 2010.

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    Hello everyone,

    This weekend i plan on going out and buying my first piece. Back in high school rarely smoked, and when i did it was always with a friends piece. Now that i am in college i have decided that i can pick up this enjoyable recreation. However, since i never really go into smoking, i am a bit of a novice when it comes to bongs and pieces and the specifics and accessories that go with them.

    So if you guys wouldn't mind giving me some advice on what i plan to purchase i would really appreciate it.

    Right now i planned buying something similar to this:
    - Foot and a Half Bong
    - Glass
    - Beaker Bottom
    - Diffused Downstem
    - Ash Catcher (maybe)
    - Ice Catcher (maybe)
    - Percolator (maybe)
    - No carb

    the three maybes i don't know much about them, and the ice catcher has me on the fence because i one heard someone say ice catchers are for pussies. But i don't know if he was just an ignorant fucker or right in making that statement.

    Am i missing anything? or if you have any opinions/advice just let me.


    Edit: price $100-250 somewhere in that range
  2. He was just an ignorant fucker.

    How much you're looking to spend would help in providing advice
  3. ey, im not really sure, i think two friends and i were going to pitch in for the thing. But i think we are probably willing to spend about 100-250 on it.

    just depends on what we want and how much shop prices are, and if a label is worth loosing luxuries or spending more on.
  4. You could find a good bong for 100 without the percs and ash catcher. You could find a 3 perc bong for around 250 with a shit ashcatcher. If I were you I would buy a foot bong with just a ice catcher then later on buy bigger bongs and different accessories. I get bored of my bongs so I always have the urge to buy another one when I go to a smoke shop.
  5. is it worth paying for a label?
  6. since its your first just go with a foot tall glass on glass with an ice catcher like said before. i would recommend a diffused downstem too, its not too expensive and they are well worth the money. theyre also no easier to break than a regular downstem, as opposed to extra pieces such as ashcatchers and percs
    you should be able to get that for under 150 easyyy

  7. for your first bong no
  8. You would seriously not consider getting an ice-catcher 'cos someone said that?

    You don't need that ice-catcher, if that's the case. That's all I'm sayin'. :smoke:

    Get an acrylic bong. Really.

    Three young college-age kids "investing" in a nice glass piece ain't gonna work - unless you've already agreed on how (probably multiple) replacements of $200 broken bongs are going to be handled. Or stolen by other dormies. Or confiscated by security. Or cracked by friend's visiting younger brother.

    Enjoy college for now; get the luxuries when you have your own place to yourself, and can regulate exactly who comes in that front door. "Sharing" expensive fragile breakable objects (with partiers/buddies under the influence) is just going to lead to an empty wallet - and eventually you'll only be able to afford an acrylic replacement bong, anyway... and you'll have two angry friends.
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    every time i smoked out of a bong we didnt have/use ice so i was wondering if it was looked down upon by other as being novice.

    and the college we are at people don't party in the dorms or on campus, and we already agreed on how it would be shared/stored. Also money doesn't really matter here, i just don't want to spend $300+ casual use bong.

    i refuse to get an acrylic bong, because one of my high school buddies bought one as his first piece and it was the biggest piece of crap. I would rather just throw down more money and get the glass

  10. not at all
    dont let others make you think that
    do what you want
    i cant stand harsh hits myself
    the entire industry of glass bongs and the attachments and innovations of ash and ice catchers along with diffusion would not exist if it hadnt been for people wanting a smoother hit

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