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Advice On Buying An Ounce

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Braiiin, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Whats up Guys. I'm planning on buying an ounce to smoke and not sell (maybe a couple bags to my friends), but I don't want the bud to get old and dry before I smoke all of it. Do you think its a good idea to cop it, put it in a air sealed jar and take the risk or buy in smaller amounts? For more info I smoke about a dub a week. :smoking:

    I need your help!

  2. put it in one of those glass mason jars that everyone talks about

    have fun with all that bud lol
  3. Mason jars.

    Keeps it really fresh.
  4. Also if you find the bud getting dry (I'd do this anyway, makes the bud weigh more, smoke better, and easier to pack) put a small orange peel in there for no longer than 4 or 5 hours. Any longer than that and you've got some moldy bud.
  5. An ounce isnt much
    nor is dub a week.
    A mason jar will work great, even just a tupaware from the kitchen
    hope conserving works well for you
    dosnt for me
  6. I like storing bud in glass cigar tubes if I want to keep it around for a while.

    They hold less, so you'll have to use a few of them, but since you aren't exposing the whole batch to air every time you open it up, it will keep the bud fresher a lot longer.
  7. An ounce is a lot for me. Biggest bud purchase I've done. Where could I find a nice jar at? One of those "mason jars". I think the ounce is gonna go quick..I can't have that much bud and not smoke it haha
  8. When I didn't sell my O's I'd double bag half and put it in an airtight place for however long, and then another half in a single well bagged spot and I'd pinch outta that.
  9. yea man i used 2 buy oz's...its nice...u can use a candle jar after you burn the candle...thas what i use...and go to the head shop and get a lil moisture egg to put in the jar....itll keep the whole thing fresh!
  10. Yeah that sounds like a good idea about splitting it up. thanks for ze info
  11. Avoid the selling talk on the forum blades. Its against the rules unfortunately:rolleyes:
  12. how much do those eggs cost? I have hella candles so that should work!
  13. Splitting helps a LOT in keeping your smoking under control. You'll see less and so you'll smoke less. Makes you smoke a lot less then you normally would if you had a full O sittin' right there.
  14. word. I'll do that
  15. Good advice. If i see a full zip I'm gonna be tempted to test my limits.

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