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    Hopefully I'm posting in the right section,
    So my old water pipe broke a few months ago and I'm finally  buying a new one,
    My budget is about $150 (including shipping, so about 125 without shipping), I was looking at getting this nice 9mm thick one

    and I was going to pair it with this black leaf 6 arm tree perc pre-cooler

    (together 143 with shipping)
    I guess what I'm confused about is, The bong says it has a 14.5mm bowl, why does it have an 18.8 > 14.5mm down stem, and will that bowl fit into an 18.8mm pre-cooler? I imagine it would, but with how long shipping is from grass city I'd hate to have to return something and order something else.
    Unless someone has a better recommendation for under $150 dollars?
    Any advice is appreciated, Thanks! :)

  2. The bowl will fit.  What the 18.8>14.5 down stem means is that the bongs opening is 18.8 so the downstem makes that hole 14.5 therefore it is converting the bong so that you are able to use it with the included 14.5mm bowl.  
    And BTW I bought that pre cooler, it is okay but you can definitely get better.  Think about just getting a showerhead down stem and later adding a pre cooler after you save a bit.  That is a great investment and I think a much better "upgrade."  
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    I had completely forgotten about the showerhead designs, I remember reading around here about how awesome they were, the main reason I wanted a pre cooler was actually because on my last bong when I finally added an ash catcher It cut back on the amount of maintenance I had to do (how often I had to iso) considerably, but I still have my old ash catcher which at the very least did the job, I suppose I can just use that in the mean time.
    Can you recommend me a precooler to aim for in the future? or what kind of precooler I should be looking at instead?
    Yes, it will be less maintenance with the precooler but still sometimes its just a hassle and makes the bong so much bigger and less managable.  As for what to get when you look for one in the future would be something with a showerhead maybe or a plan perc one.  You can also get a custom one from many artists on Etsy if there is something specific you would like the look/shape to be.  
    Honestly, I use my piece without the ashcatcher 60% of the time and just use the showerhead.  As long as you clean the water after each session even without a precooler you should be fine.  Also it won't be too hard to clean that bong it's a simple bong stopper (even a cork will work) and a quick shake with some iso and salt.
  5. What do you think about these pieces in combination with that bong?

    Its a circle perc, precooler Which to my understanding is pretty much the same as a showerhead perc, I imagine I wouldn't use it when I have Company just out of fear of it getting broken, and its cheaper just for the mean time

    And then I was gonna use this showerhead downstem with it,

    And that has me still under budget for now
  6. With those pieces you would be ending up with a 18.8mm end therefore the 14.5mm bowl you get with the bong is unusable.  You can find a 18.8>14.5 precooler or get a 18.8>14.5 downstem and then a 14.5 precooler.  Or you can just buy another 18.8mm bowl.
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    I actually have an 18.8 bowl from my last setup that's in perfect condition, I figured it might be simpler for me to do all 18.8, plus I was thinking a straigt 18.8 would have a larger opening to pull through/less drag than having to cut down to 14.5 even if just by a little bit.

    Plus then I'd have an extra down stem and bowl of anything broke, unless you think 18.8>14.5 is the way to go.
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    Honestly I don't notice a difference.   I had one bong that was 14.5 all the rest have been 18.8 so it's all personal preference really.
  9. Oh gotchya, well hey thanks for all the help man, seriously appreciate it!
  10. Welcome. Enjoy your bong!
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    Of course they run out of stock when I get paid...but I will wait lo

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