Advice on awkward girl situation I just had

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  1. Ok so I hooked up with this girl a day before 4/20 at my place. we havent seen each other since then and she came over tonight to smoke a blunt and just kick it. well I put on Breaking Bad and we smoke and start talking and stuff. Well the blunt finished and then we just continue watching the episode but werent really talking anymore.. I couldnt think of anything to say to her to start making out or whatever. Should I just have gone for it? Idk i just couldnt get the balls to do it out of no where it was weird you know... what should I have done/ you guys of done or said ?:confused:
  2. I would have gone to me radia and put in a Marvin Gay CD and played "Lets get it on" WORKS LIKE A CHARM! BLESS! :hello:
  3. idk man. its not a bad thing that you guys enjoyed some silence together.

    maybe she'll respect ya some since you didn't try anything right away. i wouldn't think about it too much, just get a hold of her in a day or so and try to hang out again.

    btw thats kick ass you put breaking bad on, lol.
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  4. I have been like that my whole life, I NEVER know when the fuck to move in and score with a girl.

    As to the silence though, I would just be cracking jokes about the movie, or tell a funny story or something. That is like the only game I have, making a girl laugh.
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  5. god that song is baby making material its perfect!!

    and yeah its not like we havent done anything before it was just that it was a little awkward since we havent seen each other idk i think i waited too long or something :(
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  7. the first time you spend time alone with someone you dont really know is always awkward...dont worry about it, she probably thought she was the one who messed up too.

    just call her again, say you really want to get to know her more, have a couple drinks and a few js, and youll make conversation in no time.

    and then i'd say go for it, from a girls perspective. nothing more sweet than a guy telling you you're beautiful then leaning into kiss you for the first time. :)
  8. start by holding her hand or putting your arm around her. move a little closer. if she doesnt want to do that then its a lot less embarassing than if you had just tried to start kissing her. dont worry about it too much. if it feels right to you take it slow and go for it

  9. Awkwardness is a tricky bitch.

    It happens to the best of us though.

  10. Hell yeah dude, that's how i roll :D
  11. Dude not at all you have Zero game
  12. kinda off topic but

  13. Dude awkwardness is a self fulfilling prophecy. If there's a lull in the conversation, the first thing you think is "oh fuck i ran out of shit to say this is so awkward noo", and that's what you focus on instead of the interaction itself, which then fucks you up. It's not awkward unless you think it's awkward.
  14. You should have lit up again lol.
  15. This man knows what he's talking about.
  16. touche' lol.....don't know what brennt means btw...but yeah cool name ;p:smoking:
  17. ^^^^^
    I have to agree with this post
  18. Should've taken the party from your couch to somewhere more thrilling it sounds. Don't be the first to break an ackward silence though, or else you are the least comfortable with it. :cool:
  19. Bitches fucking love me, man. When when I smoke I just get silent and make things awkward. I couldn't put the swagga on a fat bish if im high.
  20. Ahh, man, you gotta get close to her while you're passin the blunt. Don't make it awkward but be confident, and she'll respond to that. And once you're right next to her make a move.

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