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Advice On A Bad Trip?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 1tokewonder, Feb 29, 2016.

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    So I'm new here and idk if I'm going about this in the right way, but im just looking for advice from some more seasoned tokers.
    So a few nights ago i smoked for the second time ever with a couple friends. (The first time i just took one rip off a bong and then about 10 minuted later blacked out in Qdoba from what i think was a combo of low blood sugar and dehydration and the lowered blood pressure from smoking.) So anyways, me and my 3 buddies all picked up a quarter and between the 4 of us smoked probably 3 grams. I started tripping really hard and it wasn't what i expected at all. I didnt feel relaxed or stoned or introspective, I felt like i was tripping balls! I wasn't really aware of what was going on around me and i would come in and out of focus. My conception of time was terrible and i would think that a long time had passed when it was only like 30 seconds but at the same time the hours were just flying by. It was almost like I was in a dream, where i couldn't really control what i was doing and the world was just unfolding around me. my body was also real tingly and when we went to see a movie later i was kinda twitchy and my left leg kept jerking

    That night i had trouble sleeping and was pretty restless. The next day when i woke up i stil felt kinda out of it. I was mentally slow and honestly still felt kinda high even though i hadn't smoked for over 12 hours. It wore off by mid afternoon, but at that point it had been almost 24 hours since smoking.

    Although this wasn't exactly unenjoyable i didn't really like the fact that as hard as I tried I could not seem to focus or control myself. Lots of my friends smoke so i want to be able to do it in a social setting without embarrassing myself and pissing everyone off because im acting like im on LSD. I also wold like to just be able to smoke and relax when im feeling stressed and this was not relaxing in the slightest, and i also didn't like that i felt off the next day. I thought maybe i smoked too much, except this is how i felt the first time i smoked (after passing out) even though that was only one hit. It was less extreme that time but i still felt dazed and out of control.

    So what do you guys think? did i do something wrong? Is smoking just not for me? IS this how it is for a lot of people in the beginning and does it get better? Thanks in advance for any and all help, i just wanna be a happy smoker [​IMG]
    P.S. Sorry that this is basically a novel, i didn't want to leave out any details. My English teacher would be proud

  2. This is your classic "smoked too much weed at once and got too high" story. You probably took three times the amount you should have done. And it sounds like you did not want to be "embarrassed" in front of your friends so you smoked past your limit.

    Start off a lot smaller and take it easy.
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  3. Aight, this is kinda what i figured. I was just kinda weirded out by the residual effects the next day and also thrown off by the fact that i experienced similar effects after 1 hit the first time. I'll be sure to slow down next time and try to find my own limit. Thanks [​IMG]
  4. I would just smoke less next time. I been smoking daily for 6+ years and still get ripped off of one 0.1g snap.
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  5. Baby steps. You shouldn't feel like you have to keep up with people who have more experience with thc than you do. Pace yourself with a hit or 2 then give your body half an hour before deciding if you're good to take in a little more smoke. You can always smoke more, you can't smoke less.

    Keep your social smoking circle small for now, get used to carrying on conversations and having fun and just keeping yourself occupied and you'll notice the "edge" gets a little more natural feeling each time.

    We've all been there. Cheers!
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  6. Keep your smoked amounts low, the best part of being a new smoker is that it takes almost nothing to get buzzed (like .2 grams). Your tolerance is still low so don't over indulge on the weed. You can take a couple tokes and then say you're good if they offer you more.
  7. Sounds like you greened out, man. Like everyone else is saying, pace yourself. Too bad tripping on weed is nothing like a real trip ;)
  8. Like most people said, when you have really low tolerance (or no tolerance since it was your second time smoking) you don't need much weed at all to get high. Don't push yourself to smoke more when you feel that you are starting to reach your limit. Anxiety, or paranoia are really bad to have going on when you smoke for the first few times.

    Try to take it easy and enjoy the high. It shouldn't make you feel like you are tripping, it should be mellow and calming.

    Stay lifted, and stay positive
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  9. Sounds to me like your tolerance is as low as it gets, enjoy it while it lasts. If you smoke to get high why not just embrace it when you're high af rather than looking at it as a "bad trip. "

    Wait until you start having to take t breaks you will see where im coming from. I wish i could get that high still op lol. If it bothers you that much then don't smoke as much or exhale alot quicker than normal. Remember weed is a psychedelic, but not deadly.

    Best of luck op

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  10. [​IMG]
    Now a couple to many of these WILL cause a bad trip.. Hash and coconut oil with Lecithin.. A LSD style hallucination trip is more then possible with to much of it..
    True green out is down on your hands and knees with the spins and puking for 4 or 6 hours.. This stuff has the power to make the best of us cry uncle..
    It's my main method of use now and I have to be super careful how much I smoke while I'm dosed on caps.. It makes me a newbee like you are again and I'll wind up on my ass with just a couple of hits..
    We all have an individual comfort level and like alcohol you have to find your personal happy place..
    Just take the joint and pass it on saying I'm good for now.. Never get talked into more then your comfortable with as to much as you've learned may not wear off very fast..
    What your smoking can have a major difference in the trip-high.. What your describing is more a sativa high.. Brains churning and can't set still is sativa..
    A good Indica would have just sent you to sleepy land odds are..

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  11. OP
    Cherish this , imagine how long and once will last if you smoke 1/3 of a Jay a day
  12. OP you smoke too much. Like everyone else said, smoke less, party more.

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