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    Ugh okay so lets just ignore the fact I completely ruined my last attmept at posting...anyways I have a seedling at 19 days old. I noticed it grew far faster than the other seedlings I had, and this growth continued for a week or so until I encountered problems concerning my first set of true leaves yellowing, leaves drooping, and now a generally unhappy looking plant. These problems occured after I made an attempt to allow more drainage by transplanting the seedling at week 2 into another solo cup with at least 20% perlite (again with loads of drainage holes).Also, before I was using two 45w CFL 6500k and it seemed to be causing heat stress so I switched to one. So now, I'm left with the realization that I need to fix my water situation ASAP, as my pH is wayy off and this seedling clearly needs more drainage. Though, I'm hesitant to do so, as it could shock the plant and result in further stress, correct? Ill try my best to incude pictures.

    Light: 45w 6500k CFL (4 inches away, directly above)
    Drainage: ~20% perlite and lots of holes poked into bottom of cup ~3mm, just under width of a pencil
    Soil: Sta green potting mix with miracle gro perlite
    Light Schedule: 18/6,
    In short, I'd like advice as to what would be the best steps to take to nurse this baby back to health, should I transplant it to a different cup with a better mix of perlite and correct my watering routine, or should i wait until the soil dries out and just use the correct water, despite not seeing runoff, even when I water nearly to the point of drowing them. Last thing, if I mess up the light schedule by going 10 off accidentally, do I continue with the schedule I have, even if it cuts down the time the light's on, or should I re adjust the schedule entirely to get a full 18 (Should you prioritize 24 hour days or your schedule)? I'm sorry if I'm rambling at this point, but I really don't wanna see this seedling die at the hands of a clueless beginner, so please, all advice, constructive criticism and input is appreciated.

    IMG_0682[1].JPG (Before transplant-Day 14) IMG_0684[1].JPG (1 day after transplant-Day 15) IMG_0687[1].JPG (Current-Day 19)

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