advice on 1st 3 stage indoor grow from mothers

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  1. hi all,

    ok so i have a decent amount of experience growing although only completed 1 grow indoors from seed to flower in the one box.

    i'll be building all boxes myself from timber and completely sealing them. money is not exactly an issue to an extent, using led's or quantum boards (possibly a combination of both, not sure yet)
    The light i am most set on for use in my flowering box is this:

    My understanding is that i can run each stage for 2 months before moving them onward to the next stage. please correct me if i am wrong!

    i plan to house
    -4 mothers in one box
    -? number of clones in a cloning box
    -? number of plants in a vegging box
    -? number of plants in a flower box

    The reason for the "?'s" is that i'm unsure of how great my plants need for increased medium space will be over the 4 month period from rooted clone to harvest-able flowered plant.

    Space isn't really an issue as i have a good amount to allocate to my setup. I just can't seem to get my head around how i should equate the dimensions of my boxes.. Ideally i'd like to have 10 plants flowered every 2 months with a 2 month vegetative period, using the aforementioned light for flowering. The range for this light at the correct distance is 6"x 4".
    Do you think this light in a 6"x 4" box would be suffice for 10 well trained plants grown from clone with 2 months of veg and 2 months of flower? Or would they outgrow the space and light?

    Thanks a million in advance for any help anybody can give me.
    You'll be saving my brain from imploding in the process!!
  2. $1100 for a 540Watt Blurple?

    sorry I don't have any input on your other questions.
  3. Yeah i'm considering this light as high times rated it 'best led grow light' 2016 & 2017.
    as i said, money isn't a massive issue. What would you recommend in replacement of this?

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