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  1. 15 days from first popping thru soil. May have transplanted too soon & over watered...Recently poked holes in the soil with pencil to aerate the soil & try to help can i remedy this without causing anymore stress to plant?

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  2. Don't mess with it just keep a small fan lightly blowing across the soil and let it dry out a bit.
  3. A plant that small, how much would you say to water...1/2 cup...3/4...1 cup?
  4. Looks fine to me. Just keep soil moist. A spray bottle might help.

    Most of all, LITFA.

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  5. Not totally hip to all the lingo just yet...whats LITFA? Thanks for info...i will keep spray bottle near
  6. Not sure if you can tell, but leaves are turning a purplish's a white that normal?

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  7. I had to laugh, it means Leave it the ---- alone.

    Some strains do show some purple, led is tough to take a good pic under

    I am learning everyday about this horribly addictive curse of gardening and easily the most difficult part for me, is exactly what he said...patience in the form of a wonderful acronym

    I look at my garden every day repeatedly it changes but never as fast as i was hoping :)
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  8. Yup. I'm the same way. I even named them, like their my pets or something
  9. When I started indoor growing in this area my plants wouldn't thrive, they'd come up and then just sit there, like yours is doing. It should be more advanced for being up a couple of weeks. Have you checked the pH of your water? My pH was about 8, once I corrected that I had no more problems.
  10. The water i use is water collected from rain barrel..i shouldn't have a pH Problem
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  11. Well found the possible cause to the purpling...cooler night temps. Some indica stains do this. Should be nothing to worry about....LITFA.

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