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    Apparently i ruined my throat with everyday smoking. Im not sure what it is, but most likely it is chronic pharyngitis, my throat got burned by numerous smoke singes. Situation became worse because i also have deviated septum (during the nights my throat gets swollen by snots) and reflux of stomach illness (my throat gets burned by stomach acid). Basically, every time when i smoke now, my throat gets swollen and on the next day i get the urge to cough that might last for few days. I dont actually cough, i just want to, its like tickle down the throat.
    I really dont want to drop weed completely. But it could be the sign that my awesome smoke-everyday-days are gone. Or maybe if i will go on long break, like few weeks, throat would somehow re-heal itself? Or if i would smoke also on weekends and my throat would regenerate during the work-week? I also think about buying cheap another cheap vaporizer (previous one that i bought didnt help), maybe it will help? Im not sure if my throat suffers from the hot smoke itself or from risins in weed. If its the first option, then would vaporizer help at all?
    I am so lost and sad. Cant imagine my life without pleasures of occasional smoking. I went to doctor yesterday and she said that the pharyngitis is not really dangerous and a lot of people have it. But i didnt say that i smoke of course. Maybe i should just accept the conseqeunces of smoking, continue to smoke and dont be anxious about it? I dont know...

    P.S. Edibles are not an option for me.
  2. Smoke is garbage for your lungs. It is fun to do bong rips but they come at a price. I just vape, off my pax and, occasionally, my volcano. I also use edibles and topicals. On rare occasions I will dab, but Ive been doing it way less due to damage to lungs. I box and run and notice vaping before training is amazing, but when I used to smoke my cardio would suffer no matter what.
  3. Smoking is not your only option, between oils and edibles, there are many routes you could take to achieve your desired outcome; granted, most of those options will take more effort/more money than smoking, but are also way better for you and usually just better quality in general. If i could vape or eat all the time i would.
  4. Why are edibles not an option?

    Try vape?


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