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Advice needed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NoobHillbilly, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Hello. Believe it or not, I am 48 years old and I have never used marijuana. I am considering it and I am researching marijuana. I am a professional in a small town, so there would be rather negative consequences if I were "outed" as the case may be. I have reached something of an impasse in my quest for self-understanding, and I am considering trying marijuana, after researching Bob Marley and the rastafarian tradition of "reasoning." I think it could have something to offer in this regard.

    I have no history of abuse of prescription medication or "hard" drugs. I do have a family history of addiction, (Grandfather and several cousins on his side.) Basically, I want to educate myself so I can have a positive experience, not a negative one. I'm self-employed and not subject to drug tests.

    In reading it, I would like to achieve a pleasurable contemplative effect. I tend to be something of a high-strung person and I don't want something to cause agitation or anxiety. I've read on this and other forums that something called "dank" can do that, although I have no idea what that is. I want the pleasurable relaxed feeling. I'm not interested in hallucinating or altered sensory experiences.

    I would like to ask for guidance on how to get started on this experience. Would eating or smoking be a better choice? How can I discretely make contact with a supplier? What type should I ask for, to get the effect I'm seeking.

    What do I need to know that I've not asked about?

    One of my "hangups" is that I've been told I'm too "stiff and formal." Would that affect choice of type?

    How do I avoid marijuana that is laced with narcotics or pesticides?

    Thank you in advance for your help. There is plenty of information for people wanting to get "wasted" or for medical use, but I haven't been able to find what the information I'm seeking. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Erowid Cannabis (Marijuana) Vault

    Erowid is probably your best source for information regarding any drug, including cannabis. As far as how it has effected me, weed has made me a much more 'chill' person overall. It's helped me to see things from different view points, and as such helped me be more accepting of people overall. As far as laced, I've never came across weed I'd believe is wasted with narcotics, and to do so would cost dealers money which makes it very unlikely. Pesticides though you can't really do shit about unless you can buy from a medical marijuana dispensary. On the black market there isn't a damn way to be certain of how the product was grown. Ask if you have any more questions. Hope that helped.
  3. well you don't need to fear a physical addiction, because marijuana has
    no addictive
    properties, although a psychological addiction is a possibility for anything. your best way of finding untreated bud is if you go to a dispensary. go get a medical card and then you will be all set. the last thing you want to do, of your worried
    about pesticides or other drugs, is buy from a street dealer who home grows his product. just for future reference, marijuana laced with any type of drug is highly uncommon. I've been smoking for around 3 years and it has never happened to me. also, for your first couple of times, the only effect you will feel is a placebo, because there is a certain enzyme in your brain activated when thc (active chemical in weed) is introduced to it. but the first maybe three times your brain doesn't know what to do with it. but anyways, good luck and have fun :smoke:
  4. You will almost never come across laced weed or anything like that, schools and tje government just say that people lace it to scare you, and dank is just slang for good weed, and it seems like yiu're looking for an indica, there are two types of weed , sativa and indica, sativa makes you like active an wanting to go out and do something but indica is what will get you relaxed and is perfect for smoking after work or a long day, and if you're in a medical marijuana state I recomend just trying to get a medical card, the shop and the dispensery employies will help you with anythjng you want to know about
  5. * If you feel it would benefit you , it doesn't matter if some people think you are too "stiff and formal", do what you feel would benefit you positively . Making new friends is the best way to find a hookup, in my opinion. You will have to experiment with different strains to see what works best for your condition. There are articles about this online that will help you decide what kind might work better than others.(ex: Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid) Eating or smoking is a personal preference, but edibles or using a vaporizer is a lot easier on the lungs. On avoiding marijuana laced with ISnuff said, it is hard to tell with buying from street sources, the only way you can be positive that there are no pesticides is to grow your own. :) hope this helps a little
  6. Thank you all very much for your great advice. I know how to get started now. I definitely want to try it, and talking to people who have been there is the best way to avoid problems. Thank you especially ISnuff for the link to Erowid. That's exactly the information I was looking for.
  7. I think you should spend a few bucks on a grow tent and a 250w HID, grow one or two plants at a time.
  8. Since you don't want other people to know except yourself, be cautious in public. Take care of any giveaways, such as red eyes and smell.

    Cannabis is highly unlikely to be laced when bought from a dealer, as drug dealers would be wasting more money just to get you high.

    As for finding a steady connect, pay attention to subtle clues and ask your close friends. You might also want to consider growing.

    Keep an open mentality first time, as that will greatly affect your future experiences.
  9. In my opinion

    1. Smoking would be better
    2. Just get some weed, doesnt matter the kind, dank or not, it will get you high
    3. You wont get anything laced
    4. When you do try it, have some water along side, you will most likely cough because it will be hard to inhale.

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