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  1. I'll tell you a bit about myself..

    I am currently living in the England, United Kingdom.
    I smoke daily and looking at doing my first indoor grow.

    I live by myself, I have my own attic (not shared attic)
    My main issue is the smell.. I need the smell to be virtually non-existent from the house & neighbours.

    I will also do a grow journal and keep everyone updated!

    I am currently looking at doing an indoor attic grow.. Using soil.. 5 plants of White Diesel haze automatic in 10 litre pots in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m (600D) running using 600w magnetic ballast - 600w dual specturm HPS bulb.

    Extraction: 4" (100mm) CARBON GARDEN Carbon Filter (40cm High) - VORTEX 4 inch (100mm) In-line Ducting Fan

    Do you think the neighbours or house guests will be able to smell the grow?
    Stealth is my #1 priority

  2. Neighbours will be more concerned about noisy fans than smell. For house guests, I use a combination of air filtering and strong air fresheners. I also have a cat - which provides a ready excuse for using a lot of air fresheners! Best of luck, mate and remember the first rule of security - don't tell a soul that you're growing not even your best friend. Walls have ears and tongues.
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  3. Thank-you and definitely agree with keeping it a secret. No-one needs to know :D
    Once the plants are growing in the tent.. would it be worth surrounding the tent with acoustic resistant tiles (sound proofing) the cost would be quite high but I am hoping if I make stealth #1 priority the up-front cost would pay for its self during the long run
  4. Be careful of choppers over top in an attic.
    They can see the shape of a tent thru the roof with them heat cameras. unless your whole house is at the same temp as the tent it stands out.

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  5. Or if you you have a well insulated new build house with 100mm kingspan then this would solve that issue. If you're worried about this issue you could hire a flir camera from a local tool hire place cheaply enough so you can see what the choppers can
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  6. I'm not convinced on the helicopter FLIR cam thing. It costs insane money to put that thing up in the air, they dont just cruise about looking for grows. If that chopper is in the sky its looking for someone.
  7. Research like crazy, you need an extractor fan and a tent preferably. There is shit loads of dust in atics. A fan in a an atic is never good if will radiate through your neighbours plus if they went in to their loft for something they would sure as hell hear it going off.

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