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  1. is it illegal to bring back seeds to the states?
  2. Only if they catch you.

    Why would it be anything other than illegal? Marc Emery was extradited to the US just for mailing seeds to people.
  3. Definitely won't be smart to bring them to an airport or anything, they'd never let that fly. Mailing them there might be safer but don't take my word for it. Or you could take them on a plane if you're clever with it. Double-bag the seeds, scoop out a hole in the middle of a peanut butter jar, put the seeds in (in the two bags, of course), and refill with the peanut butter you took out. Not to say I'd have the balls to try it, but I've heard it'll work. Good luck man.
  4. Order them online or mail them back... but I've heard both bad/good stuff about ordering them online.. so that one is up to you.

    I wouldn't try to bring them back, I mean you could if you were clever with how you got it back, but there was a yahoo article talking about how the US is going to scan people in certain countries to make sure they have nothing on them (Ill see if I can find it).
  5. thanks for the info...i was told u can bring back paraphinalia (new ones), just wondered about seeds.
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    paraphinalia as long as it hasnt been used, yes. Marijuana seeds, no. They will probably give you shit for the paraphinalia also, but if it hasn't been used they can't do shit because its a tobacco pipe :smoke:

    Edit: Are you flying out of Amsterdam? Ive been there, but did not fly out of there because I flew out of Germany. You will have to go through some security checkpoints wherever your leaving from, as well as customs when you finally reach the States (if thats where you are going) so be prepared to be asked what you have brought back with you and your bags searched (but I think its random bc my friends bags got searched and mine didnt.. but IDK).

  7. im also flying back from amsterdam-germany-usa i figure security will be tight as a virgins ass...

    i remembered some kid tried to bring back pieces and got it taken away so i get confusing stories if it ok to bring back or not...

  8. no. they tried to extradite him but canada wouldnt hand him over
  9. do it, I walked through major major ports w. some dank on me [​IMG]

  10. if i was walkin i might also...but since im flying different precautions are necessary :smoke:
  11. Pot activist Marc Emery taken into custody for extradition to the U.S. |

  12. No, he was definitely extradited.

    EDIT: sikander already made a post about this :D
  13. Yeah man Germany sucks. I flew out of Frankfurt, I had to go through security 3+ times AND took me to a seperate room to check out my laptop? They took it apart and shit and then made me put it back together, it was pretty gay haha but yeah they are tight there.
  14. Two words.... Trail Mix
  15. I just was there in November of 2009..and i brought back a clean spoon, and a clean searched at customs entering the states..

    and lets just say i love hitting that bong, it ripps ridiculously good. I didnt get any static from the homeland security people..they were all coo.:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  16. OP, if you want a new piece or anything, I highly suggest getting one there. I even saw headshops in Germany with some badass bongs and other pieces for MUCH cheaper than they would be here in the States. I wish I would have bought a bong in Amsterdam though
  17. im leavin extra room in my luggage for some new pieces....:smoking: snifflin, sneezin, running nose........NOOOOO! i cannot be sick on my vacation!
  18. Just stick them in your butt. I'm sure you've pooped out bigger things lol. But I like Indica Kid's trail mix idea.
  19. If your nose is still stuffy you could put the seeds up your nose a good bit. Who the fuck would tell you to spread your nostrals?:confused:

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