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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by AllSkunkNoJunk, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. hello all, i know of a guy who used a 1000w light and got caught by the police, would i be safe wiv 600w hps?? also my friend wanted me to ask how many grams he should expect growing 3 plants under a 400w hps? thanks everybody for help in advance.
    and good luck to everbody who is currently growing.

  2. Your friend should not have gotten busted because of that light, drawing 1kw isn't something any cops or anyone at the electric company is the least bit concerned about.

    Flapping your mouth, doing something stupid/careless, and just plain blind bad luck are the main ways people get busted.

    Good luck on the grow. No way to predict yield, even if we knew the strain and more about the growing conditions (which we don't). Do I assume you haven't grown before? If so then my standard rule of thumb is to call it a success simply to grow a plant all the way through to flower and harvest and get at least 1 oz smokable. If you can do that then you have the foundation of experience needed to pump up your results the next time around.
  3. toastybiz is spot on. Agree 100%

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