Advice needed on plants/harvest...lots of pics

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  1. Hey guys,

    I posted here because I am somewhat new to the site, I only posted a few other times and everyone was quite helpful.

    I am a medical marijuana user and am allowed to grow. I have a basic closet setup and am having a problem with two main things, when to harvest and the proper way to dry/cure.

    First, here are some pics of my girls. I am watching them closely and wondering when would be a good time to pull em. I have a little 60x magnifier but am horribly colorblind, all the trichomes just look cloudy to me.



    This one I think is getting close....i trimmed up a bunch of the sun leaves.


    This one I obviously topped. I am playing around with different methods trying to find the one best suited for my setup.

    and finally #3

    This one was topped too, but it bushed out quite a bit more.

    Anyway, any help is appreciated. Mainly just looking for any input and/or opinions on when to harvest these chicks. I am getting better results, but still not as good as I would want yet.

    Thanks in advance guys!
  2. Probably 2 more weeks brother and I say that because of your pistils. Wait until they're all brown and receded into the bud (Or even 3/4 receded) and chop em down. The wait is so worth it!

    Nice lookin buds though :smoke:

    And be sure to prepare your drying room too before you chop! Low temps in drying is key...(Also raises humidity...a dehumidifier far from the buds will help with ambient RH...)
  3. You have to look at the tricomes to know when it's done I've had a few strains that the pistils stayed white and the trichs were amber just a heads up most do recede And turn brown but I'd get a handheld scope
  4. Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated.

    I do have a little 60x magnifier that I am using as well, it is just all cloudy trichomes that I am seeing.
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    If you are seeing all cloudy trichs and you are color blind I suggest there are probably some ambers in there.
    From what I can see in the pics they look very close to harvest time to me. Two weeks more would be too long IMHO.

    For drying, we trim completely at harvest time and sit the buds on screen drying racks in a room at 73 or 74 deg with a small fan blowing away from the racks for the first day then turn the fan off. They should be ready in 4 to 5 days depending on the RH in the room.

    We don't ever "cure" ( what my commercial grow buddies refer to as composting) but that is up to you.
  6. White pistils means his buds are still flourishing...2 weeks might even be too short...your buds are about to swellllll in size man, easily doubling, patience will reward ya
  7. I am going to watch them closely, they do appear a little small so I hoping you are right that they will swell up some.

    Another issue I have is humidity when drying. I live in the desert and as such the humidity is typically 20%. The proble with this is that my stuff seems to dry too quickly resulting in hay smelling and tasting buds.

    I appreciate the responses guys, you rock. Keep em coming if you think they will help.
  8. If your worried about them drying to quickly just keep an eye on them and put them into jar asap. :)
  9. im with this. you got a ways to go still bro.

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