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  1. Hi guys I'm on week 5 of my flowering stage and using advanced nutrients Coco sensi grow, big bud and now overdrive 20190809_180609.jpg 20190809_180620.jpg 20190809_180601.jpg 20190809_180609.jpg 20190809_180620.jpg 20190809_180601.jpg , my plants have looked extremely healthy (well I think so) for my first grow but now I have noticed this on a few of my leaves, could anyone tell me why this would be and what to do to stop it, or is it nothing to worry about,
  2. Are you talking about the tips of the leaves?
    That's nutrition burn. Just cut back on the nutrition your putting in.
  3. your plants are showing great dark green color and very minimal yellowing for being in the 5th week of flower. i would not stress on it.
  4. your plants are borderline N toxic the claws on the fans tell the real story and its fair to say your burnt tips are a cause of over fertilising there as dark if not darker than my black domina
  5. Hi
    Hi thanks for the reply what would you suggest I do to rectify this?
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  6. What should I do now to sort this out will this be a big problem to my harvest in a few weeks?
  7. nitrogen toxicity does affect yields flush out the nutrients from the medium and you will this time cut N completely you wont need anymore from now to harvest i cut it from my feeding programme 3 weeks after flip to 12/12 good luck :)
  8. Your leaves are gonna turn yellow, but dont panic. It's just like how trees change colour threw season. Yellow leaves is a sign your plant is pushing all the good nutrients to the buds
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  9. INDICA INSTITUTE this guys page is very useful and it had helped me alot when I started growing again.

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