Advice needed, had to cut her early without flushing :(

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  1. For personal reasons i had to cut my plant down. I used jacks blossom
    10-30-20 before i throughout her growth but an emergency happened where i needed to cut her early before i could even flush her. I cut all the buds up & saved em in my jar. Im letting it dry now, but idk how well the bud will taste because i had not flushed her.

    any thoughts on what i should do with them ? thank you
  2. I'm not too sure of what options you'd really have other than to just ingest em and find out for urself. I was having the realization the other day of how much unflushed medicine I've probably ingested since I got my Rec a few years ago. You grew it yourself and you know exactly what's in it, you can't say the same for any other medicine you buy from dealers or co-ops.. Best bet would be to find out if anything that was in the nutes you bought are really bad for human consumption.

    My suggestion: vaporize! If you vaporize at the lowest possible temperature to vape weed, you could in theory avoid releasing the nutrients left in the plant matter, well, at least less that straight smoking with fire would release. All else fails, make hash haha.
  3. I did it once shit made me gag so hard and it smells soooo badd
    Iwas using flora nova bloom as lucas formula
  4. You should have tried to water cure them, but it might be a little late now.

    I guess just hope they don't taste that bad, but harvesting with all those chemicals still in the buds is not good for the taste or for your health.
  5. Too late now but there is a procedure called the emergency flush you can do if you can't flush a plant or forgot to for some reason you cut it at the base of the main stem and put it into water like when you cut a flower outside down and put it in a vase and leave it like that for 24-48 hours and it will give you a much more clean end product then without doing it.
  6. Did you try that water curing? I wanna know, it seems legit (as a worst case scenario thing)
  7. I understand this is a dead thread.. but I'm bout to have to do the same.. anybody out there lol..

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  8. I have been feeding Fox farm big bloom 1x per week. I believe she is done anyway. I'm at 34 north. I started flushing yesterday and again today. Should I go ahead and cut?
    Or should I keep flushing and wait?
    Thanks in advance!!

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