Advice needed: growing for hash, fiber, and food

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  1. Alright, i’m An inexperienced third time grower trying to figure out the best strains to grow specific to my needs. I’ve been growing a mid-grade sativa from seeds I picked up down in Guatemala that gets about 2-4 oz a plant that’s maybe 5-8% thc. I grow in the southeast climate.

    I usually process bud into hash so I can harvest seeds for food(bread flour) and ret the stocks for fiber. I need a strain that is very outdoor hardy can grow with little to moderate attention and satisfies three above uses.

    Also would it be possible to introduce a ruderalis dominate strain and an AK strain to my current sativa Mid-grade with positive results over the next few years? Please excuse any ignorance.
  2. That Sativa you already have and now 'many' generations old is a lot more precious to you than you think
    as its already alclimitized to your location, thats a big advantage over anything you import even locally
    maybe cross with a standard auto, will make it mature quicker but you will be pissed with the results
    much smaller and piss weak thc compared with a drug type sativa

    Much of the demand I know of..
    for seeds for bread and twine for clothe
    comes from the non drug type weed as in clothe
    it don't smell much and is easier to spin into clothe
    I'm searching for weed bread recipes it you have any post here
    good luck

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