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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jpotts, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. I am planning on buying this hydrokit,

    Would the equipment shown be sufficient for four of the Northern Lights seeds on this page

    I have heard that this hydro kit really is the most simple and that NL #5 is one of the easiest and most potent plants. If there is a variety that someone finds on the emery website that they think would be better please let me know

  2. The set up should be very sufficient, other than the light.
    I would also look at the size of how big the pots are, but that also depends on what you plan to do with the roots
  3. Well, what kind of light would be sufficient and can you elaborate on what you mean about "what I am planning to do with the roots?"
  4. A High intensity Discharge lampand are u using a reservoir system or a drop emiter , think about it so you know what size your roots will be
  5. I wouldn't spend my money for that kit.

    The light is not that powerful, one plant max. pH strips are Ok but not as reliable as a good meter. The pump is a pain, you would be better off going with an aquarium air pump and using the system as a bubble bucket.

    The good thing:its all pre-packaged together and you don't have to go look for everything.

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