Advice Needed - First Grow Room - 2 Concerns

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  1. This is my first grow room. It is set up in my laundry room upstairs. It is a 2 x 2 flood table using sure to grow grow medium in some and a drip system
    from a 25 gallon resevior. As of now, I am only using 12.5 gallons of it, as I am only doing two plants for now. I am going to use GH hard water
    nutrients. The light is a 400 watt xtrasun hood with a switchable ballast. I want to verify one thing before my concerns, the guy at the hydro store said
    to run the drip pump for 5 min every 3 hours or so. Is this correct? I am in Las Vegas and it is very dry here.
    My concerns:

    1) Heat. It got to 93 in the room during the day with the light on. I can't really get it any cooler than this without sucking in house air, which is
    part of my second concern. And, if I do, it will pull in air from outside into my house and it hits 115 in the summer. Should I use CO2? I have been told
    the plants are good up to 96 degrees with Co2.

    2) Odor. This being in my laundry room. I don't really want to have all my clothes smelling. I have looked around and come to the conclusion that a
    recirculating inline fan hooked up to a carbon filter should eliminate the odor. How big of a fan would I need? The room is 6 x 8 x 8. I want to make
    sure there is no odor in my clothes or the house.

    I really want to get my room up and running but I am running out of money. (Trying to save for a vacation we have planned.) So, please keep that in mind
    with your suggestions.

    Thanks for all your help in the past as a lurker and thanks in advance for future advice.
  2. Well If your running low on cash a C02 Set-up is probably out of the picture. Not exactly sure what size Filter to use but Check out the Can 33 from HTG supply at

    If you set that up to a 6 inch inline fan that should work out good and maybe throw an Ionizer in there to help with the stink just incase.
  3. 384 cubic feet in your grow
    x 3 for air exchange= 1152 cfm rated fan

    pull the heat threw a cool hood and get an ac to manage heat
  4. What about the time and frequency of watering?
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    Check out this thread for some info on setting up a ventilation system and a shopping list of some things you may have forgotten

    Really man you can water as often as you want the main thing is to make sure your roots are not under water for to long and that they have a good amount of time to get some 02 in between watering.

    As far as ventilation goes you don't want to suck 115 degree air into your grow room for a few reasons your best bet is to exhaust your hot air out of the dryer ducting and suck air in from your home where the air is cool. The reason for this is not only to control the heat but also to control the smell check out the diagrams i have in the thread i linked for the proper way a ventilation system should be set up.

    Also you should be fine with the fan filter set ups i have listed in the shopping list.

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