Advice Needed - 2nd Grow 2 seedlings FFOF 90w CFL

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    Ok, welcome to my personal grow setup 2.0. So first plant was sadly a male and i had to toss it so i want to give it another try. Please note i am a novice so don't laugh at stupid mistakes I've made, you learn as you go with trail and error when it comes to taking care of these amazing plants. The box is 3ft x 18in x 11in, insulated with mylar, and consists of 3 fans (1 intake, 2 exhausts). Inside it has movie stacks (to keep plant at height) taking up a large volume of inside area. So is 90w sufficient for 2 seedlings 3in away from the light? What should i have minimum for flower? I'm going to key you in so you know my mistakes so far and so you can review the environment of these seedlings. The first few days i accidentally had the timer on 6/18 instead of 18/6 but they seemed nice and green even a day or two after. Then really stupid me up about a 1/8th of micro nutes in the soil and sorta under watered the big smart pot and over watered the little party cup. This I've just now taken care of and flushed them both with 5-6pH water. After each watering the run-off is about 6-7pH but the very top soil becomes a little orange. I was using tap but now I'm trying Dasani because i believe it has close to 0 ppm. I flushed the smart pot first yet the leaves continue to get more brown and yellow. Still waiting on an update from the party cup. Oddly the party cup only has a slight green blemish and that was from a fan with too high velocity, and was fixed right away. Any ideas on how to fix my smart pot seedling and get these plant on the right track!? I think there 2-3 weeks old. If you need more info. let me know and stay stoned. Peace blades!

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  2. I'll help ya out, my first was a micro too. My plant in flowering in my journal is actually from my micro, if you wanna check out what you could be getting.

    First of all, start writing in paragraphs, like I am. Separate your ideas, it will allow other users and myself to help you much more.

    What kind of soil is that?

    You will need more lights, I would say minimum is triple that, there are multiple lighting guides, and a CFL one that can help you. They are stickies and will be at the top of the growing and lighting sections.

    Do you have a thermometer? It could get hot

    They look really small for 2-3 weeks old, let the pots dry out completely after each watering, and don't use nutrients yet.

    Can you post multiple pics of your plants and your growing space?
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    Thanks for helping out so fast fellow blade! For some reason GC didn't format my paragraphs when i posted, sorry about that but i did have it divided in the original post.

    The soil is fox farms ocean forest. Next time around I'll probably get light warrior for seedlings but FFoF's bag says it's great for seedling and cuttings. I realize now that FFoF doesn't need nutes for at least a month.

    I can defiantly purchase more lights but at the hottest (around 16 hours) it gets barley under 80 so i might have to add another fan. Maybe the slow growth rate (happened in my last grow too) is from the lights or just outdoor genetics (these are bagseeds) and it's struggling to adapt.

    I water about every 3 days, when i stick my finger into the soil a couple inches it is quite dry. Then i water until their is a nice amount of run-off (but not too much). I end up pouring the runoff out because i do have wiring in my box and i don't want to risk a fire. Is this ok to do?

    Thanks again for the reply and next watering I'll get some better pics up.
  4. I think it may be time for a transplant then! When the cup is getting dry that quickly the roots need more room to expand.

    I think your growth problem is due to the lights.

    For seed starting i'd like to recommend miracle grow organic rooting soil mixed with happy frog and extra perlite. Jiffy also makes a good seedling soil, and happy frog is also fox farms, i'm using it now for my more organic grow and its performing quite well.
  5. Hmm...the yellowing is getting really bad on the one in the smart pot. I don't think the root structure is bigger than that smart pot and their both growing at relatively the same rate. The yellowing and browning keeps getting worse coming from the bottom up spreading upwards. I had that problem on my last grow but it never browned this severely (was usually just yellow). I can't point my finger on the culprit of the yellowing / browning issue! Any extra tips/advice?
  6. It probably is your PH, or maybe a nute imbalance is the source of the problem... I'd transplant the one in the smaller pot if possible, and just continue to flush with PH correct water. Maybe its nute burn from the FFOF, it's happened to me before...

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