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    post-751417-13904657410273_thumb.jpg post-751417-0-05756900-1390430803_thumb.jpg [SIZE=13pt]Whattup up guys. This is my first grow [/SIZE]and first post and Ive spent countless hours reading various forums and built up what i perceive as a good but rough idea on how to grow the DANKS.
    [SIZE=13pt]medical patient-FYI  [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]The set up:[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]Closet: roughly 2x5x6[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt](cfl) : 8 23w 6500k 1140 lumens ea. & 2 23w 2500k (for flower i will change that up obv.)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]Ive got the lights[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]plugged into dual splitters thatre plugged into a 'socket to outlet' piece that are hooked up to a power strip. (I hung my ghetto rig with zip ties for easy height raising, pretty smart if i dont say so myself) And i also have a bigfan above, blowing down on the plants. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]Nutes: Canna Coco A&B & RAW calcium/mag only. The dude at the hydro store said thatll suffice [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]Medium: Canna Coco (rinsed and pre nuted at 33% strength with 5.8ph) in 2 gal. pots[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]The Low Down[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]I got 2 chronic thunders, 1 northern-lights x big bud[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt], and 1 ak-47 clones from a local nursery and will be giving them the usual 18-6 cycle, watered once a day.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]I am going to train them (LST) to grow around the pot using this bendy wire stuff i got at my local hydro shop, and top em.I plan on vegging for 15-20 days then flower till harvest[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]. By the time i veg ill have another power strip with the same light setup on it (2500k?) Ill post pics tomw after i hit up the swells [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]My one chronic thunder has white tips on the ends of some leaves, why?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]Am i doing anything wrong?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]How long till i top and veg?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]How does my set up sound?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]Criticism welcome!?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=13pt]Thanks in advance![/SIZE]

  2. thank you! i needed a good topping guide
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