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  1. Here is what a customer rep advised me to do as far as a grow cabinet(one of theirs)

    I was thinking of buying one and using an HID light for it. Here is the link.

    This advice is totally contradictory then what I have read about cabinet growing so far, just wanted to see what any of you guys have to say about it.

    would grow with dirt/soil Matt, it is easier, cheaper, less work, and much more forgiving. HID is ok but it has some problems, the first being heat. The amount of heat it generates means you have to keep the plant farther from the bulb reducing your growing space. The fixture is large and hangs overhead further reducing your available growing space. That is not the case with the fluorescents which burn cool enough that you can put them right up to the bulb with no burning. You do not lose space because they are mounted in the corners and you do not have to adjust their height and they give even coverage through out the plant from top to bottom where with HID you only get lighting from the top. Also Sodium bulbs while high in the red end, which is good for budding is not that great for vegetative growth. Fluorescents are high in the blue end which is good for vegetative growth and more veg growth means higher yeilds. What you might do to boost the red durring budding is add a small overhanging incadescent bulb, which burns mostly in the red/infared. (remember, most of its output is heat). 40 watts is enough. Yes, I can put it in a package for you. I don't deal in nutrients, I just miracle grow or alaska fish fertilizer supplemented occassionaly with a cheap multi vitamin. Toad
  2. I think he's telling the truth, not the whole truth, because he's selling ya something. Most cabinits should be able to vent heat. i have a 400w that I get as close as a Fluro. The best luman lights R MH and HPS , when used together, the best. Just my opinion.
  3. Is your light in a cabinet?
  4. Hmmm more proof that infared is good for growing/flowering....

    The cabinets are fine, they will work great, mainly because he has the flourescents running from top to bottom (which i suggested to flex40 some time ago. This gives light throughout the plant and at every angle.

    I have found that vegging in my growcloset with flourescents is much faster than under the MH, with the MH they dotn grow upwards fast at all but rather just branch out, in my grow closet with flours they do both at the same time.

    Dont think you have to buy a cabinet from this guy though, you can build it easily enough on your own.
  5. No I don't have a cabinit I have a room. should I trade it inorder to give U adivse? It's the hood if any, they can be sheilded and vented. The light gives off the heat, it's sheilded and vented out. If ya want to grow in a cabinit. 1. Build ur own (as said) 2. use T5 fluors. Just my opinion . hope it helps a bit.

    IMO Flurosent"s bulbs give inferior weed compared to MH &HPS. It's done, and it's good weed , just less compared to MH&HPS.
  6. Most of what that guy said is true. He just didn't tell you the whole story. He's telling you all the reasons you want a cabinet designed by him. And in his cabinet, all those things that he said, do apply.

    What he left out was this: you can build a better cabinet by providing great airflow and dealing with exhaust and bulb heat. This would yield far more than doing it his way. His way isn't wrong, it's just that it's for more of a "stealth" grow that you have to have in plain sight.
  7. If you actually want a full size cabinet (5' of more feet tall) grow, you can *easily* build your own AND mount a good HID light with plenty of room, plus you can build your own air exhaust and filter (and even have flouros on the side, hell, whatever you want) for it, for probably cheaper. How big is this cab he selling? Because if it's tall, there's plenty of room for HID lighting and if it doesn't even have an exhaust system then I wouldn't bother buying it, since you can go out and buy a cabinet and some flouro tubes for relatively cheap.
  8. The cab I was lookig at was only like 48" tall. I am going to have to throw it in a closet so I cant go to big because of ventilation issues. If you check out the link I posted all this guys cabinets are there for you to check out if you want. I am not opposed to fluoros, I have never grown and of course I want the best. The cabinet comes ith a couple fans I know there is an exaust all setup, intake I am not sure about. After I add all of the accesories I am going to need I can probably buy something that is better, or make my own for a fraction of the cost.

    Thanks guys for all the help..:eek:

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