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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Prince_RIP, May 10, 2010.

  1. Alright here's the situation. My dad left me home for a while so i'm gonna smoke a blunt. When emptying the blunt I decided to keep some of the tobacco in there cuz it makes you higher. Anyways I think I kept too much in there cuz when i'm hitting the blunt it's making my stomach upset and tobacco usually does that. Anyways, I decided to empty the blunt and take the tobacco out. Well the weed is all like brown now and I didn't know it did that and I can't tell the weed from the tobacco. So should I just stop smoking I mean im pretty high off of just a few hits or should I just man up and finish it. Or is there any way to tell the weed from the tobaco?
  2. you need to rip that shit dude
    roll it back up and burn it
    just at least try to seperate it
    as bestyou can
  3. when i smoke on an empty stomach, I get that feeling.
  4. Never use tobacco in a blunt, especially if it's the tobacco from the blunt.
  5. does tobacco get you higher, or does the nicotine from the tobacco make you feel higher? I believe it's the former, you're not supposed to inhale cigar/pipe smoke, it's not the same as smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes have nicotine added. Next time you want to try something like that, use rolling tobacco (tobacco used to roll your own cigarettes). I guarantee it'll be better, although smoking the two together at the same time produces a different more subtle high for me. I'd rather smoke the ganja, then have a cigarette.

    it's a learning experience though right?
  6. There are a few substances I absolutely love to mix with cannabis, tobacco is not one of them. It's going to be hard to tell what is what once it's been rolled and then you take it out, but I wouldn't let it go to waste I would just smoke it and deal with the tobacco, the feeling usually goes away within 10-15 minutes for me, even the nausea.
  7. if nicotine makes you higher, than so does caffeine, both are stimulants, i dont think it does shit at all, i think the extra lack of oxygen from smoking a cig, or adding tobacco, makes you light headed... I never feel higher if i smoke a cig after a bowl, or if i smoke a spliff over the same sized thing, minus the tobacco.....
  8. you dont get high or higher from keeping tobacco in a blunt.. especially if it's a cigar, you're not supposed to inhale the smoke from a cigar. and it'll ruin the taste of the ganj too man.

    bad idea all around.

  9. the nicotine rush will make you higher for a bit, but I find it makes the high shittier overall, one reason that made me quit cigs.

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