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  1. Hey everyone. I just flipped over to 12/12 six days ago, just looking for some tips and help to diagnose a couple problems as I go into full flower. So I had a aphid problem a few weeks back and kept thinking all leaf problems were related to the bugs but now I'm thinking I may have a calcium deficiency. I've had brown tips for awhile now and more recently have yellow orangish spots and as you can see in the one picture the leaf is dried up and falling apart. New growth looks pretty good besides a few little spots. That pic is the worst of it by far. I ordered some cali magic, should be here in a couple days so I was gonna try that out but if anyone has any other ideas on what I should do that would be tight. Also the claw has gotten quite a bit worse. I have always thought it's to much nitrogen. I'm in MG soil and I've come to understand it's very rich in nutrients. I flushed her a few weeks back but that didn't change much. Anyways it's under a mars 300 and two 40 (actual) watt 2500k cfls on the sides. Temps around 78-85, RH is 55-58%. Feeding with emerald harvest nutrients every other water. Also just got my tent gonna set it up tomorrow 2x4x6. Any input would be appreciated.

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  2. Nice girl tou got there. When you flipped you made sure for complete darkness right? Im just making sure, also, id cut back on the nutes for a water or 2 with the amount of nitrogen they have.

    Actually i hope you have a bloom or flower nutrient to replace the veg feed. They dont need so much Nitrogen in flower.

    Cal mag will help you quite a bit. I didnt really see nute burn as much as i saw aphid marks. These wont fix but they wont get to bad. Leaf might come off. Oh well no big deal.

    Overall great looking girl. Start bloom nutes and cut nitrogen.

    You can also get some eggs crack the egg out of them and mash up and grind down egg shells. Boil them in water and then you have calcium rich water that should help with the spots. As an organic grower its worked for me when i didnt have cal mag on hand.

    Also please vote for me to become a mars tester by commenting my name in this thread! r-mars-hydro-cob.1461519/#post-23611451

    Id appreciate

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  3. The brown tips mean too many nutrients. And orange spots normally would mean a cal mag deficiency. But the tips of your leaves are clawing down and I think that could be a sign of too much cal mag. So you may want to check that out before you too add much more. The dreaded claw of doom is in most cases caused by nitrogen being too high though. You would probably have better luck in an organic soil like Fox farms ocean forest. Stay away from all things MG

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  4. Thanks man! Well I have a three bottle nutrient program. It's got the micro, grow and bloom but I do believe the recommended doses on back of bottle cut back on the micro quite a bit going into flower which is where most the nitrogen is I believe. I'll check
  5. Cut the grow up the bloom is the best bet. Look online for your specific brand ans what people who use it say about doses

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  6. Didn't mean to hit send lol I got more to say. But yea it was in total darkness and is always pitch black when lights go out. And yea I know the leaves that get hit harder by bugs/deficiencys won't recover and will need to be trimmed but these plants grow so damn fast trimming needs to be done pretty consistently regardless lol. My cal mag bottle should be here by Monday so I'll wait for it to get here and try that out.
  7. Yea I'm learning more everyday and I'm kinda happy I've had as many problems as I've had since it's only gonna make me more knowledgeable in the future when shit happens, fix it faster you know. But that's actually the exact soil I was planning for my next grow. Northern lights , fabric pots, ocean forest are some things I'm gonna try for my second grow :)
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  8. If you need it asap like today is feed day. Make some eggs for lunch or breakfast, crush and boil the shells and water with the calcium rich water. Or wait if you can

    Also if i could have your vote in the mars competition! All you need to do is comment my name on the thread: Testers wanted for Mars Hydro COB

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  9. Aight I might try that then. Good lookin homie
  10. Hey what do you think I should do about that claw? Should I flush it or just cut any nitrogen using nutrients out of its diet for a bit? I have a bloom nutrient from the set of 3 that has zero nitrogen in it. And the bloom is also the majority it said to use for flowering anyways. What do you think?
  11. I like to flush out my veg formula before going into flower and then give straight flower formula. Worked great on my girl almost 1000grams wet, took 2 sheets for all of her. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. Aight I'll probably just flush her and see how that works. How many gallons for a 5 gallon pot? You just barely chop that girl down? That might be a lot wet bud but what's gonna be the actual weight ;)
  13. Im hoping for about 250 grams off of her. Thats usually what i get per 1000 wet.

    Also 3x per gal pot.

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  14. That's a grip... right on appreciate the help man

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