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  1. Ok so I grew Jack Herer feminised with a huge success, so I tried my hand at blue dream. Now apparently I seem to have delved into a whole new world cos my usual methods of 1/4 nutes for first few weeks have resulted in massive failure. The plant is looking really wilted and my question is does it even need nutrients before flower mode and what are the correct steps with this plant to make sure I don't mess up again

    Set up is a 3ft x 3ft tent 300W LED lights 5ft tall tent on 24hr light grown in coco-coir soil mixed with perlite on a 80-20 split. Currently in 1 gallon pots but will be transferred to 5 gallon pots when big enough
  2. If your growing in coco you WILL need nutrients throughout the entirety of your grow.
  3. Yea that's what I figured, was giving nutes but the plants both look like theyre dying wilted leaves weak feeling stem and cant figure out where I might have gone wrong, and they have nute burn somehow. I read a forum reply on here saying you need to go without nutrients first few week is this right?
  4. Not in my case.... I'm currently following Ironheads method (Iron's Method) which starts seedlings off with a fairly high amount of nutrients. So far my plant is doing great!!!

    Here she is at 31 days from seed grown under 1x quantum board.
  5. So then can you think of why my 3 week old seedlings are withered and dying considering I water them with nutrients and conditions are fine. They do seem to have white burn marks on tips of leaves and not growing either

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