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  1. Hey guys. I got a pretty rough topic to discuss. Over the past year I've had more "friends"than I can count on my hands and feet turn into a complete dickhead. I have 4 great friends that I've known all my life but the only problem is that we're all different ages and due to busy ass schedules I barely see them, but I still try to talk to them everyday (Xbox, twitter, txt) . I only have 1 kid that I hang out with right now in my age group and he's fake as fuck. He's just selfish and doesn't think about anybody but himself and I'm getting sick of it. I call people on the weekend to chill and they either don't answer or make up a dumb ass excuse and I can't help but to think its my parents that are causing all of this. They use to not care about pot or alcohol but over the past year i got kicked out of high school (in a public one currently) and that's when everything started to go down the shitter. Does anybody have psycho parents that chilled out in time ? It's been a year now and they're still Nazi's. I just needed to vent and need some advice on what to do next
  2. Get your grades together. Be a role model for those around you. Help out your parents even when they don't ask (if you're available to). Show them that even though you smoke some weed that it's not going to control who you are or ruin your academics. I, as a parent, would lay the fuck off if my children could do everything I expect of them and wanted to smoke some weed. Hell, if they helped me out around the house, I'd pay them well for it, especially if I didn't have to ask. As long as they're not getting into hard drugs, I'm good. Good luck!
  3. Fun comes AFTER you take care of all your shit.
  4. CT represent lol... You know what man i pretty much went through the same situation. I am 19 now graduated HS in 2011, i never had many friends almost all of them turned out fake or selfish and i finally decided that i don't give a damn anymore in 12th grade.

    The best thing you can do is do your own thing, get good grades, plan for the future, and get your money up now. It sucks having nobody to call a real friend but sometimes that's just how it is. When you start being a leader and doing your own thing that's when they all want to come around.

    It's better to just have acquaintances than fake friends. Fake friends do nothing but disappoint. Cut them off, and start making your own life better. Real friends may come along eventually.
  5. Haha reppin ct also here. 203! But yeah I was in the same situation senior year but ended up gettin my shit together and am doing a lot better now
  6. Just chill out and enjoy the ride. Do what everyone else does and just cut all ties with douchebag "friends" when you go to college.
  7. Remember "quality" not quantity, that goes from everything including friends. You got to work your way up, like others said get your priorities in check, sometimes college isn't for everyone but you never know unless you try. Find a job, save some money, plan ahead and you'll be good.
  8. Unless you got a job and support yourself you need to do what your parents tell you

  9. Man i got caught by the cops with weed one night and ended up going to jail, this was at the beginning of this year. My parents were so disappointed in me that i thought i had lost their trust forever, but in the past year i have really showed them that I am capable of doing great things. I started working as a chemistry tutor that semester of being caught helping freshman with their chemistry courses, and im transferring to a bigger university in the January with a full ride scholarship, which is amazing. If you can show your parents that you care and that you try, I'm sure they will forgive you sooner or later.

    Longest reply i have wrote in quite some time..
  10. If you got expelled from school, chances are it's their parents making problems, not your own.
    Your parents are probably hiding their heads in relative shame.
    Their parents on the other hand, think you're that scumbag that got kicked out of high.

    Not gonna sugar-coat it, but take it from a former trouble-maker who never quite made it to the point of expulsion, people talk, and nobody will want their kid associating with you for SHIT.
    Perhaps wait a while until they're adult enough to make up their own mind on the matter, or out of range of parental disciplinary action...they might hook up with you more down the line.

    If not, be productive in life - don't let a bad trip take you to a bad place, get back up and do your thing.
    Don't hang with fake people in the first place.
    Meet new friends to whom your past will be non-existent.

    Live and learn man, live and learn.
  11. You got kicked out for drugs?
    Kinda expected your parents would lose trust, and yeah parents have made me avoid hanging with certain people.
    Sorry and good luck.
  12. Friends are over-rated.
  13. stop smoking low grade Dominican Hash
  14. This and get a job
  15. get a gat and get into the shmrack shmocaine game.
  16. Hey guys I didn't read this until now, just an update for everyone if you choose to respond again, this is the fucked up part. I didn't get kicked out for my own decisions and it wasn't for pot either. I got stupid fuckednup one night and my "friend" the selfish one I was talkin about got me introuble. He left his bottle of Ciroc in my trunk and I completely forgot about it until my principal decides to rip apart my car from a tip he got. I'm thinkin somebody set me up. At the moment I have 2 jobs. I have all my shit together And my grades are a's and b's. I'm trying my best to turn shit around and I know that I need to get all my priorities and responsibilities in check before I can proceed with my life. I know how embarrassing it must be fr my parents and now it's all starting to make sense why no one would want to hang out with me. Why would they after all the shit they've probably heard? I remember people telling 10 different stories then what honestly happened with my school. I already got accepted into a great college which I'm psyched about but it just sucks my senior year has to be ruined with a stupid amount of bullshitt and no boys to celebrate it with.

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