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Advice for those aspiring to cut back?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Canes Fan 03, May 7, 2011.

  1. Hello all, been smoking for a couple of years, really heavily lately (last two years). I am currently experiencing a period where my mother is in the hospital indefinitely, I am graduating college and looking for a real job, and I am also having some other family issues.

    First, I want everyone to know that I am not just looking for pity, but advice. My mom just recently went into the hospital with an unknown condition that is very serious. She is incapacitated (vocally and locomotively) for the most part 24/7. When this first happened, I felt relatively normal about life, just sad. About three days later I was still living normally, about two hours from her house, when I began to feel a constant anxiousness. I dealt with it like I normally do, with a J, followed by a heavy Zong! session and some wine. A little bit later that night I got even worse and decided I needed to go see her. Long story short I stayed up all night worrying, made several life changing decisions (about how I would quit smoking and work out every day, get a good job, see a therapist, the stuff we all say from time to time but don't mean), and drove back at like 9 in the morning. I had been trying to cut back lately because I am noticing that I blow off my friends or the bar or really anything fun in exchange for my bong and my video games. Also, because I'm lifeless and bored all day once I smoke in the morning.

    I have been at or near the hospital since then, for about ten days. I figure that if she can't even leave her bed, I should be able to stop smoking for the time she's in the hospital at least.

    Since then I have been dealing with these same anxiety issues every time I smoke. I mean, really crushing anxiety that makes it hard to eat, sleep, drink anything, or do much but sit and worry about the futility of life. I feel like I haven't really been getting high either, and I don't enjoy doing the things I usually do once I'm there. (If it makes a difference, I smoke some very good Chocolope and Blueberry Kush mostly, but I did pick up some mids and try that for variety). Also, if you haven't guessed, my attempts at quitting have been a failure. I think probably because I have buds that I don't want to go to waste, and because I've been smoking a lot more than usual every day, in the morning especially, lately, and I don't have control of myself. I also haven't been broke in a while, which doesn't help.

    Anyways, could cutting back be the reason for my anxiety? Does anyone here suggest maybe smoking more? Maybe I am making the marijuana a scapegoat for my natural feelings of guilt and anxiety. Maybe I really need to quit or cut back. I'm open to any suggestions.

    The reason I ask this here is that I'm sure some of you guys have dealt with situations like this, or worse, and I want to know how you dealt with it. I don't need help with the emotional side (that's why I actually got myself a therapist), just an idea of what to do, especially in regards to the smoking side. I don't want to quit, but I can't deal with these problems every time I smoke.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Do you have any kind of health coverage, or enough cash to see a doctor and pick up a not-expensive prescription?

    My fiance takes clonazapam for her panic attacks. It's a benzo (and I know that those make some people realllly nervous) but it's got a very low addiction rate and a high enough LD50 that I'd call it the next best thing to "safe". At a low, use-as-needed dose the stuff is basically psychological aspirin, but it can take the edge off of an anxiety attack enough to let you deal. Less anxiety, less smoking?

    You could also try (and yes, I'm serious) picking up some catnip. It's cheap, and you can mix it 50/50 with weed as a smoking blend. The catnip will act as a filler, so you slow your smoking down, and it's a mild relaxant by itself.

    Best of luck.
  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom! You seem like a logical person to begin with, so I don't mean to patronise you by saying that pot shouldn't be a crutch for you. If you are having trouble dealing with your mom's illness you should seek professional help (like you have already) and not use weed to escape your problems (as I'm assuming your issues are not chronic and do not need actual medical marijuana). I would say the same thing about anything that someone could use as a crutch. Relaxing with a bong rip whenever is fine in my books, but when you start to feel like you need pot to function normally you should think about its function in your life. Maybe even talk to your councillor about it if they're chill? I don't know, just my opinion!

    Good luck! I really hope your mom gets better!
  4. Weed generally makes you feel good. That's what it does.

    If you feel bad, sometimes weed is the answer. However, it doesn't solve the problem, it just lets you elevate yourself to a point where you can let things run their course.

    For some people though, because weed lets you look at things differently, you can get caught up on the negative stuff. It's not paranoia, but it's something like it, and it's not just a sativa thing, it's a YOU thing.

    You've gotta get past what you're feeling, and make your head right. Put yourself in a positive place, remind yourself that life is life, and that it will straighten itself out. If you feel better, smoke up, and remember that things DO get better.

    Also, smoke in the evening, when you've gone about your day. Getting high as fuck is especially fun if its part of relaxing at the end of a long day.

    If all else fails, just stop for a while. Recognize that you DO have control, you just have to want it. Quit smoking, and when everything gets better, come back to it. Maybe experiment with limiting yourself to once or twice a week.

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