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Advice for Someone with Acne?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by kowaihannah, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Hey! ​

    I'm just posting this on a whim, and maybe I'll get some good advice. ​

    Anyway, I have terrible acne. I've had it since I was ten and since entering my young adulthood it has gotten majorly worse. ​

    I've tried all sorts of products from the over-the-counter, drug store topicals to the prescribed antibiotics and topicals. None of them have worked!
    I was on birth control for several years and that must have helped some (but I was still covered in blemishes) because after I went off it in the summer, my skin instantly flared up. While before I only had the occasional cyst, now that is about all I have. Cysts are the worst form of acne. They go to the deepest layer of the skin and are red and very painful. It takes forever for them to clear and, most of the time, when they do, they leave permanent scarring. ​

    Now I am super interested in natural health. For anyone who might suggest accutane, that is a huge no-no for me! I do not want to try more chemical, unnatural methods to clear my skin. If possible, I would like to go the all-natural route. ​

    I've been seeing a naturopath, but I haven't gotten the results I was hoping for. If anything, my skin has gotten worse.
    I know that skin is greatly affected by diet and stress. I have tried eating very healthy and saw only minimal results. After a binge on bad foods, I'm ready to jump back into healthy eating. I don't know what to do for the stress I have. It's very consuming and makes it hard to get up in the morning. ​

    I don't know what I'm asking for, and this is a bit of a ramble, but do any of you guys have any suggestions for me that might help my skin?
    I have tried countless methods, both natural and unnatural and still no results. I'm beginning to lose hope, and with that loss, I get more pimples. Can someone free me from this endless cycle? ​

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    My acne was real bad didnt care much i assumed it would go away.. but i wanted it to go away faster.. about 5-10 months ago my acne was real bad fat red bumps everywhere and if one goes away like 2 pop up and this is almost daily... I started caring about my facial hygiene and now 99% of my face is clear expect the scars leftover :( but who cares makes me look more manly right not -.- oh well bitches love scars

    i used to use whatever i would grab at the store didnt care wat it what as long as it said something about acne.. then i started looking into what i put on my face so i went to more natural products like aveeno first where i started was aveeno clear complexion bar and aveeno mostouirzing bar i used this everytime i took a shower which is daily unless im feeling lazy or not needed.. in about a month i noticed a difference i still had acne like usual but i did make it look alot better and make it pop up less.. also i used aveeno exfoilate pads to take the dead skin and dirt off my face which leads to clogged pores which will lead to acne. you will be suprised how fast your face gets dirt on it in one day unless your home all day, still use them dont use them to much they can irrate your face because it takes off the dead skin cells leaving a fresh layer of skin

    then i got serious and went to the doctors they gave me oral antibiotics and topical cream/antibiotics.. that was about 3-5 months ago i still continued with the facial cleaning with the best/ natural products ( dont forget lotion because your face WILL get dry and thats not good for acne look for lotion that wont clog pores i forgot what its called like non comedgic some shit like that) I use Burt n bees natural acne solution what i recommend is getting the kit to start you off i found it at target for 30 bucks or just buy it indivually theres something called acne spot treament and blemish stick roll thing i forgot but it all includes tea tree oil which is very good for acne google it,and i dont know what id do without it because as soon as a pimple pops up thats what i used to get rid of it, it will irritate your skin at first maybe so much you dont want to use it but now that im used to it it doesnt bother me so much because the results are worth it it basically speeds up the healing process at least i think so. 3-5 months later my face is basically all clear except the occasional pimple i get which is i dont mind to much because what i used to look like makes me feel better.

    Also I changed my diet for a couple months started eating alot healthy when i moved in with my dad.. i stopped almost all fast food/junk food of course unless i get high and basically like fuck it started eating home cooked meals like Salmon, rice, broccoli stop eating most fatty foods like cheap meat or whatever because they contain hormones or associate with horomones and that leads to acne

    Almost most of my diet contains is turkey sandwiches in the morning for breakfest or omelet sandwich and salmon and rice for dinner of course i changed my diet every now n then but mostly healthy food more fruits and vegetables they were put on this planet for a reason.. avoid processed foods like foods that are pre packaged in boxes.. basically majority of it is junk food.

    Of course since my acne is almost clear now basically 99% clear face other then scars but they start to fade away after awhile.. im starting to pig out kind of but still eating healthy... oh and i barely drank soda used to drink like 3-5 sodas a day now i dont even drink 1 maybe a cup of soda now n then that shit is bad for you in all types of way no matter how good i taste.. but i am a stoner a pop can doesnt sound to bad every now n then if that!. drink lots of water and water you'd be suprised on how good water is for you especailly with your acne situation helps detox body espeically since your a stoner to i assume so there is alot of toxins in your body from smoking and that can influence acne.. also i used to smoke blunts ALOT when i smoke usually 1 blunt a day or if i got some buds like a half o or watever id smoke like 3-5 blunts a day and the toxins build up so much that your body/ liver cant handle them so your body has to get rid of the toxins some how!! through your skin! which of course leads to acne.. I try to only smoke papers now King size raws all dayyy.

    I used to stay in the house all day and smoke blunts stopped kicking it with friends was basically anti social, that can fuck with your mind mentally, Stress also leads to acne since my acne calmed down im alot less stressed and can handle my self pretty well.

    Thats all i can say for now good luck i hope the best for you. just listen somewhat to what i said and you should have less acne.
  3. Stop eating wheat and grains, stop eating sugar. And by stop eating I mean completely. Not "just a little bit."
  4. I found proactive to work pretty fucking well.

    Also, cut out caffeine. It's no good for your skin.
  5. Thanks for all that, but I have tried antibiotics from the doctor/a dermatologist and it didn't help my skin at all. I don't believe in that stuff now either, so I won't be doing that again. I also only put natural things on my face and I'm allergic to tea tree oil, unfortunately. Your advice is appreciated though. I guess there's no hope for me here. I'll have to figure it out on my own :wave:

    Tried this and didn't really notice much difference, but I am changing my diet again so that I do not eat gluten, dairy, and soy products, as well as avoiding sugar. Thanks for the advice though.

    That's an ignorant statement. I'm probably more hygienic than you've ever been :rolleyes:
  6. What hash said about water, try to drink the amount we are supposed to intake daily because not only does it help with acne but it aids your body in many ways water is one of the body's best medicine look it up.

  7. How long did you try a grain and sugar free diet for?

    You shouldn't drink water if you just ate meat or any protein. It dilutes stomach acid.
  8. Say whaaaaa I didn't even know that, what am I supposed to drink then? Lol
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    yea if you always keep your facial hygiene clean, your acne is coming from somewhere inside i dont know whats causing it only think i can think of is,, hormones, stress, internal inflammation from somewhere? maybe to much smoking or build up of toxins? i really dont know im not a doctor.

    Acne Face Map - The Location of Pimples and Their Underlying Cause |

    Get Rid Of Pimples Now! - Womens Health - Womens Health

    Edit: oh and i agree with you on the antibiotics, i personally dont want to take them because i want to use them for a serious infection if i ever get one which i hope i dont. but they work so fuckin good lol i i feel like if i stop taking them my acne has a chance of coming back I might not stop but i hope to soon.. oh and if you smoke alot try to stop smoking i know it will be hard because thats all you want to do when you have acne (stress reliever) or at least cut back on smoking
  10. 1.) Keep your insulin levels low. I've found that not only does elevated insulin levels correlate with new breakouts, but is the key to good overall health.

    2.) Increase your intake of omega-3s. You can do that by supplementing a high quality krill fish oil, eating free-range eggs (yolk too), fish, etc.

    3.) Water is also a big key. Keep hydrated
  11. What he said, that's why I eat a lot of salmon now and eat other fish when I can and plus salmon is bomb as fuck

  12. You can drink water. Just not during meals. Drink in-between meals.
  13. Acne vulgaris, mental health and omega-3 fatty acids: a report of cases Acne vulgaris, mental health and omega-3 fatty acids: a report of cases

    Kitava – An Island Where Acne Does Not Exist Kitava – An Island Where Acne Does Not Exist

    Effects of fish oil supplementation on inflammatory acne. (2012) Effects of fish oil supplementation on inf... [Lipids Health Dis. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI

    [FONT=&quot]O-6 vs. O-3 ratio[/FONT]

    Good Oils and Fatty Substances Good Oil Information

    Eat carrots, winter squash, yams, apricots, and peaches- they are sources of vitamin A. Omega 3 is found in wild salmon, flax seed, hemp seed and walnuts. Eat more salads, fresh fruits and veggies. Avoid the "whites"- sugar, white rice, white flour, lard and some folks include milk.

    Granny :wave:
  14. Obviously don't touch them. It can be reeeeeal tempting since they look awful and people around you might say "Oh god I want to pop that so badly" (maybe it's just guys?). It will leave scarring as you already know, so good for you on that matter.

    I have hypopigmented scars all over my chest due to cystic acne, so I can't get a tan or they'll change to permanently dark or stay white while the rest of my skin is tanned.

    As for prevention, look into something called 'accutane'. Here in Australia it's called 'Roaccutane', I've been using it about 4 years and I have a bunch of leftover scripts from my doctor for it since I sometimes forget to use it. It'll clear up your acne like nothing else to the point where you can eat badly for a day, realise you will break out and then just take one of them in order to stem the flow of pimples the next day.
  15. Tea tree oil, Thee are a shit lot of products that have it. Try and buy undiluted and maybe a face wash with teat tree oil in it. i like you had acne from he time i was 10 till sometime around last Tuesday i still get it. but the tea tree oil seemed to clear it up and when i do have a break out it seems to get rid of em pretty fast.

    Best of luck to ya' Acne is one of the worst fucking things that can happen to kids and young adults. it's really a social life destroyer when your a kid.i see male and female students all the time who get picked on for it everyday. I personally was picked on for it I had it so bad my face back and chest still look like i was in a fire very scared i tried everything,
  16. i have some acne too, its not as bad as it could be but i'm definatly not happy with it. ive tried multiple products from the store and that arithromicine (sp) shit and none of it worked, so i started looking for home remedies and i found this
    seems like it could work, i haven't tried it yet but i'm going to. i'll post back if it works.
  17. I tried for a bit over a month. I'm going to try it again and do my best to stick with it. At the very least, I would like to eliminate sugar from my diet and have minimal amounts of grains. I'm starting by making weekly meal plans, so that should help me a lot to stick with it.

    Be careful about this one. Coconut oil can be comedogenic, meaning it clogs pores. Everyone has different results though. Coconut oil breaks me out unfortunately, but I love cooking with it.
  18. You could try Pycnogenol. I hear it clears up acne in some people. Worth a shot. I take it, but I've never had any acne problems.

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