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Advice For Smoking Discreetly In Room

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Pineapple Holdin Sloth, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Im living at home with my parents until I find a apartment. I would prefer to stay at home to smoke so dont tell me to go somewhere else. What i've been doing was jumping out my window and smoking out there with a joint(my prefered method) but some smoke still comes in. My little bro sometimes complains of a weird smell coming from my room sometimes. So some advice would be apppreciated.

  2. If possible use a bowl if not cant u just go around your house and smoke so not smoke comes inside the house. If not use a sploof (toilet paper rowl with bounty sheats and spray some lysol in there and breather out of that. So if your brother smells something it will just be lysol!
  3. Smoke in the yard, garage at night, go on the front porch at night.

    Jesus man it's not rocket science...
    It's all about timing.
  4. You gotta create some distance between you and the window joints put off a lot of smoke and smell.
  5. why dont you just close the window almost all the way behind you when you hop out?
    or do you mean you just sit on the windowsill?
    as for being discreet, it may seem counterproductive but get a bowl.  joints/blunts create much more smell than glass does.
    you could also try that nifty trick where you stuff a paper towel roll (the thing the paper towels are wrapped around) with dryer sheets and exhale through that.
    good luck finding an apartment, smoking gets a lot easier once you do haha.
  6. Try using a smaller bowl piece, and make a sploof or buy a "smoke buddy" to exhale into.
    Or you could just walk around the block smoking your joint and be fine.
    :smoke:  :cool:
  7. Try a few of these for your brother to smell  [​IMG][​IMG]   :eek:   I bet he will quit complaining about pot smells quickly when he realizes the alternative :yay:
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    attic is good. At my parents house(when i go back for the summer), it's on the same floor as me and my siblings's room and above the garage which is farthest from their bedroom. Honestly, they wouldn't care if they I smoke(my dad's a doctor and know there's nothing wrong with cannabis), but I just don't want the place smelling like weed. I have a couch in there, crank up the fans, open the window and  :bongin:
  9. I used to get a paper towel roll with a paper towel rubber banded at the end and febreeze the paper towel. Then blow through that. Either it worked or no one said anything about a smell lol

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