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Advice For Smoking Discreetly In Room

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Pineapple Holdin Sloth, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Im living at home with my parents until I find a apartment. I would prefer to stay at home to smoke so dont tell me to go somewhere else. What i've been doing was jumping out my window and smoking out there with a joint(my prefered method) but some smoke still comes in. My little bro sometimes complains of a weird smell coming from my room sometimes. So some advice would be apppreciated.

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    CLose the window? 
    walk out the door instead of jumping out the window all sketchy like?
    walk further from the house while smoking?
    stay outside for 10 minutes or so when you are done?
    take your shirt off before you smoke so there is less chance your clothes smell like weed?
    theres lots of options bro 
    one really good one is a vaporizer. 
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    Go outside. 
    If your parents don't want you smoking in the house, you should respect their wishes. 
    When you get your own place, you can toke inside.
    Although, I'd be lying if I said I never smoked in the house against my parents wishes. I just blew it out the window, and kept a fan running. Never got caught. I also used bongs. If you smoke a joint in the house, you WILL get caught.
    Also, you need only post one thread.

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  4. I should clarify that my parents are kinda old school and question my every action. If I leave the house and say that im going for a walk they will probably think the worst. They dont control me in anyway. I guess you can say they are paranoid.
  5. Oh shit I did not mean to post that many threads.
  6. Take Jumbo's advice
    If there's a window in your bathroom, make/buy a bong, blow smoke out the window, and spray the room with air freshener. Then eat a piece of candy to mask the smell of weed in your breath
  7. Use a bong or a bowl if you can't get a bong and pack only as much weed as you can take in a hit. Light it and inhale every last bit, almost like you were taking a dab. If you do this correctly 100% of the smoke will be in your lungs and you won't see a little string of smoke coming out of the bowl when you're done with your hit. You then hold in the hit for like 15-25 seconds and you'll exhale nothing. This works extremely well if you do it right, extremely poorly if you fuck up. 
  8. Get a bunch of stones, arrange them in a small circle on your floor. Put the weed in the middle, light it on fire. Keep a fan blowing directly on it.
  9. Smoke through a sploof, burn incense/candles, open window, turn on a fan, put a towel under the door. Spray Ozium or other good smoke spray.
    worked for me...or you also have your car which they don't own or a nice walk since you said you usually smoke joints...perfect for semi public activities.
    Find a nice spot in the woods close by also sounds good.
    Plenty of options
  10. Don't smoke a joint and you'll be good.
  11. Make a small bong take as much as u can in hits blow out window, also have heaps of gum and candy available 😁
  12. So I was gonna say the exact same thing but you beat me to it lol.
    Bong + sploof is the way to go.
  13. My method is(this works really good)
    Make sploof, crack window enough for sploof to fit, turn fan on pointing towards the window, and oil warmer. Oil warmers are GREAT at covering up smells.
    Pack snappers and blow smoke through sploof out window. This works really good if you control how much smoke escapes.
  14. Yep what they said. bong snaps are tops for secrecy. If you need extra coverage I found covering the spoof with a blanket keeps the "spoof smell" (smokey dryer sheet scent lol) from spreading around the room. Light some incense or burn a scented candle and you'll be weed-smell-free in a matter of minutes! No need to open a window; blow smoke out the window, nothing. Easiest and most foolproof method I've found

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