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Advice for saving weed and intensifying your high.

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Weedology, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. I highly recommend using mullein herb mix with weed. It intenses my high like crazy and smoothens the smoke making it less harsh and less cotton mouth. Mullein mix with marshmallow leaf and damiana is very cheap. On ebay i bought an oz for 4 dollars and for 2 dollars more you can get flavored kind. I pack my bowl with mullein and then the bud and another coating of mix on top of it or just mix it up. Thought this would be a nice thing to share with my fellow blades. If someone can tell me why we call each other blades thatd be nice lmfao. Try and enjoy the milky bong 😊
  2. grasscity "grass" blades of grass
  3. With all do respect weedology... Thats fuckin retarded
  4. Friends don't let friends mix other stuff with their herb.
  5. I buy my herbs to smoke and enjoy. If your nugs taste bad, buy better shit...Fuck those herbal blends.
  6. vaporizer /endthread :p

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