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Advice for picking the perfect piece for you

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dr.Banner, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Disclaimer: This is mainly inspired from a friend asking me how to pick a good piece because any time I break out my pipe, I most often get shit for it until they hit it, it hits great and smooth but isn’t the most artsy looking piece but isn’t downright ugly. And because I figured it couldn’t hurt seeing as how there are quite a few threads inquiring as opinions directed towards recommendations for the bong they should get, so I got bored and had nothing to do and decided to spend 25 minutes to type this up and I hope this helps someone somewhere.

    How to pick the perfect smoking device to fit any situation:

    When picking a piece, one should take into consideration just a few things: size, stealth, efficiency, longevity, and last of all aesthetics.

    Lets start with size: where many of us might love to have a 28 inch roor that’s not always useful in a person’s situation due to a number of litigating factors. So take into account the ability to easily tuck it away in a dangerous situation.

    Stealth: For those of us whose parents don’t know or don’t approve then you probably need to consider this. Papers are good for this because they burn away to ash and that is easily disposed of, however the papers also leave the smell for quite a bit longer than an alternative, a stealth pipe can be left around with out any one batting an eyelash but for those who cant get one a metal smokeless pipe is a good piece to invest in, some may frown on it but it will last forever because it completely comes apart and can be cleaned very well and is small enough to keep in a pocket of hidden very easily.

    EFFICIENCY: One of the most important aspects is efficiency. Joints are nice if your desperate but not efficient by any stretch. A joint which can be anywhere from .5 grams to 1 gram or more if your good at rolling, but in a smoked joint you only attain 6-8 percent of the available thc. A blunt is a nice way to smoke and I do enjoy one but the most attained is 11-14 percent of the available thc. A pipe, all be it metal or glass (always go for glass) is much more efficient, attaining more than 46-49 percent of available thc, however the bong is the most efficient way to inhale, the only lost thc is the exhale, I personally don’t know about vapes.

    Longevity: where glass looks great, if dropped it can break, but picking a nice thick glass piece can be very rewarding, just make sure to always be very careful, or don’t take it with you and keep it at your house in a very safe and hidden place. Metal pipes are a truly safe way, they don’t shatter, wont crack, unless you try to, and wont break accidentally, however they also can impart flavors on what you’re smoking. Wooden pipes are always a nice choice, and in my opinion the best of both worlds. You can get excellent quality and they wont break short of a saw.

    Aesthetics: Form should always follow function (works well before looking at looks, id rather smoke ugly and be high as fuck, than smoke pretty and be sober) so make sure your piece actually works well
  2. Yeah, but foil can't break ;)
  3. It also kills you and tastes like metal. I'd stick with what was posted.
  4. deff a good read. when i bought my piece i knew i had to find one i wasnt gonna get sick of so i legit walked around for about a half hour comparing prices, styles, and colors. i didnt do the same for my bowl tho :/ just take your time they arent gonna kick you out

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